Tom Shackleford #racist

[From “Keep on Expecting”]

I’m a race realist who understands that it’s not really fair to hold black people to White standards. This is why we shouldn’t have to exist in a country together. For example, R Kelly will be in prison for the rest of his life, and he isn’t even capable of understanding what hit him. “But dey lived in my house!” His IQ is 73 and he’s illiterate. How the hell is he supposed to understand that keeping a harem at his house to pee on would be a violation of the Mann Act? And who would even care about this in Africa?[…]
If I was running things, nobody would be telling black people what to do because they’d be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean doing their own thing. Even if we paid them all 250k each to leave, it would still be a bargain[…]
We could probably buy up enough space in Africa to establish a country called Wakanda like in the movie and that’s where we could send them[…]This would be my platinum plan for black people, and I’m labeled a racist by the SPLC?

One of the Nigerians who Jussie Smollett hired for his fake MAGA noose attack masturbated with him in a private room at a bathhouse. He claims he had no idea this was gay, and I believe him. In his country, most people don’t know how to use a toilet?[…]
It’s the same thing with Loyd Austin not showing up for work at the Pentagon and nobody knowing about it. Conservative retards squawked about national security being compromised but the reality is that the Jews calling the shots at the Pentagon didn’t notice because he’s just a black guy hired because he was black[…]
The most cringe conservative phrase used to be “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” coined by a Jew from the Bush Administration[…]
Conservatism is a dead and pathetic political movement because it can’t fundamentally acknowledge that race is real[…]
Dissidents[…]who get smeared as racists would treat blacks in a much more humane manner that takes into account their blackness



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