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If a foid was hanging off a cliff, would you save her?

Would you save her life?
Yes Votes: 18 23.4%
NO Votes: 59 76.6%

Let's say you're going on a hike and you hear screaming. You trace it and see a foid hanging off a very high up cliff. You can easily help her up or not. Nobody is around, and when they would find her fallen body it would be ruled out as a hiking accident. Now i know you might be thinking "no way, fuck foids" but if you're in a real life situation and looking at the person whose life you can end, you might feel kinda weird about that. I couldn't even kill my dying pet rat when i thought it would be easy. As far as helping the foid, it would depend on the mood i was in.

Fuck no. I would even step on her hands so she will fall off faster

Ban any yes voters immediately

I would rapemaxx on her and then throw her off a cliff @FinnCel @ThoughtfulCel Thoughts?

Of course I would. I would then haul her to my forest where I would beat and rape her.



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