Patrick Bellringer via Anne Bellringer #magick #ufo #fundie #crackpot

<Note: Patrick Bellringer has been deceased since 2020>

Greetings to all souls! I have called Anne to pen a message from me to all of you.

Business goes on as usual on Earth with most still slumbering on thinking and planning for the future. Some, very few, are slowly realizing how fast the day passes. Earth time has speeded up to 99% and soon rising to 100% where time does not exist. This means that Mother Earth is to graduate to a higher dimension where time does not exist. I speak of 5th dimension.

It is sad to see so many people blinded by the religion and the fake teaching of being “raptured off to a pink cloud somewhere. The word ”rapture” does not exist in Satan’s war book. You would not believe how many souls on the Astral Plane were in agony concerning the Truth that had been given to them but they rejected it as Satan’s lies.

You should see the sight of the Astral plane now! Billions of souls are reading the <Phoenix> Journals.
The thousands of libraries are packed full, so many are sitting on benches or on the ground, reading, There is not much talking, for all are reading. They are, also, reading all the current messages that the Lighted Realms have given Anne to pen.

Thousands have graduated to the Higher Realms., which makes Creator God Aton very pleased.
The great hope is that all souls shall become enlightened and not have to live each moment of this great null without the LOVE of Creation to make the time seem like an hour rather than endless torment.

That time would be 311,040,000,000,000 years x 7! None of us have ever experienced this great null time when all comes to rest with Creation. If ones are still unenlightened will they rest in Creation’s arms?

It will not be long before I will see my Earthly family again. It is with joy and happiness, for it shall be a wonderful reunion. Remember, all you Earth people, that living on Earth is an illusion for soul growth. The Lighted Realms are REALITY!



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