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Top 10 Real monkey fur proof all primates monkeys and ape species all have fur and not hair exposed.
What the Caucasian try to claim that monkeys have hair well reality is the total opposite all monkey ape and primate species have fur all over their bodies to protect themselves from the natural elements outside Caucasoid lying monkey head exposed.
K9 DNA and Neanderthal Bigfoot DNA exposed the European Caucasoid tried to force the belief of their cousins cynocephali dog man werewolf branding monsters and demons that the Europeans are related too as a God called Anubis on the African.
Ancient black people the Anunnaki Rastafarian Egyptian Ethiopian children of the sun stardust first man on planet earth already mapped the earth from the stars and Africa is on top of the world because it was closer to the sun and Europe at the bottom and colder so Africa was the upper world called Alkebulan the garden of Eden closest to the heavens and Europe below was called the underworld where hellish creatures lived in the caves all types of man animal mutants, Anubis is the original werewolf dog man tamed by the black mans ancient ancestors as our warrior guard dogs but the werewolf dog man is more kind loyal and civil as there cousin the Caucasoid. More proof we are dealing with monsters, yes albino man animal mutant cave creatures from the caves of the Caucasus mountains and Neanderthal valley mutated with Neanderthals/primates/dogs/wolf



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