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On his Nightly Offensive show[…]Elijah Schaffer went on an ugly, antisemitic rant about Jewish people[…]
Schaffer said that he used to consider himself an “extremely strong Zionist.” But he claimed that his views changed when he realized that sources he “trusted” had been “subverted by Zionist influence into conflating American support with Israeli support”[…]
“There’s never been a direction in my mind where I’ve been against Jews.” But, he said that he “didn’t realize how many centuries back these people had subverted and sort of destroyed our Western civilization”

“And I didn’t realize that we were lied to about World War II, right?”[…]
“Like many of you I just didn’t — I was ignorant of the fact that we weren’t the good guys, right?[…]
He criticized non-white streamers who discuss these same topics, stating that it’s “only hurtful to your brand if you are white and you talk about this stuff.” He complained that minorities are allowed to discuss things like “the JQ pill”[…]
“And the reason why I care about this is not because I’m on some antisemitic trope like they’ll accuse me of”[…]“Or that like ‘He hates Jews!’ which I don’t. It’s that I love my people. … I really am deeply, deeply troubled on what’s happened to white countries”

Schaffer said that he doesn’t believe “minorities in general like us,” and that the “Black community hates white people.” Schaffer reached this conclusion in part because of “the way they interact with me on the Internet on a regular basis”[…]
Schaffer then went on a tangent about how diversity has ruined “our countries”:

Diversity has not made our countries stronger. They’ve made our countries unsafe[…]

Schaffer said white people are being held in “bondage” by an “elite class of people” who are “mostly of one ethnicity.” This group of people[…]“continue to destroy our society” and “hate Jesus Christ.” He went on to say that “any group of people that’s against Jesus is Antichrist, and I am against them”



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