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How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
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Christian Faith. The biggest danger is what this friendship will do to genuine Christian faith. Your child will hear the assertion over and over that the friend is not only well-adjusted, but sure that he could never be anything other than homosexual, or is really trapped in the wrong sex body. This is certainly a firm belief, but it’s not based on reality. The long-term evidence is that homosexuality and gender confusion arise out of dysfunction, including experiences like child sexual abuse, poor relationships with parents (especially the same sex parent), and peer difficulties. An introspective personality, and the availability of pornography may then turn a slight attraction into obsessive fantasies. It may influence the person with a shaky gender identity to fantasize about "becoming" the opposite sex (which can never actually happen).

The claim once made about the elusive “gay gene” has been quietly dropped by most of the pro-homosexual organizations, because it can’t be supported by science. Instead, the approach has begun to be, “Well, it doesn’t matter—if this is what we want, it must be natural and okay.” But dangerous behavior that arises out of unhappy, unhealthy circumstances does not call for affirmation. It cries out for a solution. Rather than blessing anal sex between 14- year- old boys—which is what "LGBTQ" advocacy groups believe is normal—most parents readily see that this is tantamount to insanity.

The Bible informs us that homosexual behavior is common among paganized cultures, along with lots of other very destructive actions. We are becoming a paganized society and, sure enough, all types of sexual (and other) behavior is more commonplace. Rather than being just a set percentage of people, homosexuality is instead one of a cafeteria selection of behaviors that adolescents especially are now trying. As we grow further separated from the truth of God, we are “exchanging the truth of God for the lie” (Romans 1:25) and worshipping ourselves and our own instincts, wherever they take us.




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