Chalrie Kirk & Various Commenters #wingnut

(Charlie Kirk)
Democrats believe defending life with a firearm is not a constitutional right but destroying life through an abortion is. Make it make sense.

Self serving hypocrisy; that's the communist Democrats' way.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.

So no to death penalty of a convicted murder, no to use of deadly for with a firearm in defense of your home, BUT yes to the death of a beautiful baby. That is purely demonic.

In a time where there is no stigma around promiscuity, sexual deviancy is celebrated and promoted to our children, it's no wonder they are so upset that people may need to actually take accountability for their actions. Going out and gettting knocked up won't be as easy as having your baby chopped up and vacuumed out anymore. Maybe we can get back to a place where the family and children are what's important and not Slut Walks, Pride Parades, and OnlyFans.

November will be historic! These are the final death throes of the global elitists, woke, radical far left who just like every other tyrannical evil empire, knows it’s over but will do as much damage as they can before they are obliterated because they are pure evil and have nothing but contempt for the people they govern!! They have been exposed for the disgraceful and incompetent fools that they are and no matter how hard the demonrat party and their puppet media and big tech lackies try to distract the American public, they will be destroyed by the red tsunami!!!

It makes sense: they are normalizing murder, child porn, rape, and other perversions. Normalizing the murder of infants and children is just part of it.



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