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Female Heterosexuality is a mental disorder (half joking, half not)

Disordered Emotions

Becoming irrational in the presence of men (to gain their approval)
Feeling bad for abusive men instead of their victims
Prioritizing the feelings of the male over his victims (ex. feeling sorry for the porn addicted moid instead of the various raped women)
Feeling personally attacked by radfeminism, lesbians, childfree women, and women who generally have thinking capacity
Giving into desires of men to escape the emotional burden of guilt when you stand your ground
Feeling intense fear, anxiety and hopelessness at the thought of not engaging romantically (sometimes even platonically) with men

Disordered Thinking

Inability to think critically
Glorification of pregnancy and motherhood (the two states that make women most vulnerable to male violence)
Believing that a male can ever become a woman
Believing in misogynistic religions for cope
Beliving that it is right and good for women to submit to men and men to dominate women

Disordered Behavior

Cutting off and disregarding female friendships to secure dick
Allowing daughters/sisters/friends to be sexually abused by a moid, and taking the side of the moid
Selling daughters into harmful practices for the benefit of males
Engaging in and supporting the objectification of self
Harming onself by being in a relationship with a man for fear of being alone
Forcing daughters to bear the brunt of household labor while the son sits around all day
Engaging in sex with men which has high risk of physical, emotional and sexual violence
Forcing women and girls to engage in such harmful practices
Birthing children when it is not affordable



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