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My parents really don't understand the current dating market or the blackpill, no matter how much I explain.

It seems like I keep having the same conversations with them, especially mom cause I don't tell dad these things, he loves me too much and it would break his heart.

I keep telling her women are gold diggers and are all after money. She kinda agrees that many of them are (but not all of them lmao). I tell her all women nowadays are evil and manipulative and bad in all kinds of ways (she agrees that many are bad but says that not all of them). Telling her they're all after handsome guys always feels awkward though cause it makes me sound like a whiny bitch that has complexes about his looks. She tells me I'm handsome so I have to deflect and say that they're all after guys with muscles and thugs and assholes. Yeah mom, I'm handsome, me and my bald head and my thick glasses and my fucked up teeth and my horrible frame and fat belly (looked even worse skinny) etc...

Tbh they're nice people. They just can't see it, they don't understand.

Mom tells me to go out and meet girls. Like it's that easy. Sometimes I tell her it's impossible and she tells me to go the park and pick up girls lol. Or some other things like that. Or that she'd love to find me some girls lmao. That would be the most awkward shit imaginable and the girl would think I'm some retarded pathetic loser autist who can't get a date by himself so his mom had to step in. Which would be accurate but I'd rather die than go through that.

So when they comment about grandkids or me getting a girlfriend or something I just try to tell them it'll happen in the future or something equally placating. Well, I still let my guard down sometimes and try to drop blackpills but I'm going to try to keep my mouth shut more.



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