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dangerous people like Joe Biden and his Commie compatriots come every four years, and now, in the face of unbelievable political incompetence that should ensure their demise from the American stage forever, they’re moving heaven and earth to stay in power forever.

How do they do that? By taking our eyes off their failures, Afghanistan is one that stands as an indelible mark of treason against “Woke” military and Marxist politicians; By racing to bankrupt America before 2022; by encapsulating rules that run against traditional Americanism with ‘fait accompli’ rules to ensure the demise of the Christian religion, the survival of perversion, transgenderism, Black Leninists Matters (BLM), and the ultimate demise of the White European Americans, their cultures and their influence on Americas future events.
In desperation, Democrats keep changing the subjects, so we take our eyes off the debacle that is Biden’s incompetence as seen in Americas collapsing border invasion; the attempt to push the climate change nonsense down our throats, and worse attempts to stem the rising anti-abortion feelings soon to end Roe vs. Wade. We cannot allow that to happen. We’ve got to stay in the faces of our elected officials, demanding they seek answers to the many questions dragging America through the dirt.

Why are there no indictments of Obama’s deep state operatives in their criminal coup attempt against President Trump? Why has nothing been done about Hunter Biden and loads of evidence from his laptop that paints the entire Biden family as an organized crime syndicate? Did Biden abandon Afghanistan so precipitously so as to give China unhindered access to our primary battle weapons?
We must take the attack to the Marxists. After all, we do have a growing pile of evidence to disqualify any argument they present. They must resort to screaming and name-calling. We don’t need to!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go do something about it!

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Multiculturalism is wholly incompatible with our Constitution, as it replaces a shared morality with a morality of the lowest common denominator- which is essentially a society without any moral values at all. A diverse culture is fine as long as it preserves a religious faith in the power of each individual to command their own destiny.
Positive rights, such as the right to medical care (or to food), are incompatible with our Constitution, as guaranteeing medical care (or food) to one person invariably means taking it from others – and infringing upon their liberty. People like to forget the flip side of government charity, but everything the government gives one person, it must take from another. The only thing the government can give for free is opportunity, which it does by leaving us alone.

The belief that it is moral for some people to live off the efforts of others – that it is not acceptable for able-bodied adults to have to work for their own survival – is incompatible with our Constitution, as it makes the property of those who work communal, giving the majority the right to take as much of that income as they wish to have.
Critical Race Theory is wholly incompatible with our Constitution. It makes race the central tenet of every interaction, and then denies one person’s freedom to elevate another person – based on race. Critical Race Theory is racist – and a moral society does not teach school children to be racist.
We are not only becoming an immoral people, but a stupid people as well.

A tribalized nation of identity groups, if left free, will tear each other apart. As a result, if we follow the left much further, we will find that our Constitution is wholly inadequate for the governance of an immoral people, and will adopt tyranny instead.

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False promises of cradle-to-grave welfare state “equity” are supplanting an equal opportunity workfare ethic that incentivizes and rewards achievement.
Previously unimaginable assaults on constitutionally guaranteed liberties, including free speech censorship and assembly shutdowns premised upon government knows best “emergency powers” and “a common good,” have become increasingly tolerated as a “new normal.”

Top leaders entrusted to protect our safety and liberties have turned blind eyes to the lawlessness that advances their political agenda narratives, condoned neo-Marxist indoctrination of children, and weaponized police state intimidation of those who resist.

Last year witnessed frightfully expanding usurpation of elected state and national legislative authority by a federal executive branch acting through diktat of regulatory politburos which continue to attack fundamental American freedoms, values, and traditions.

So, is this “Socialism”?
Further add to this, dysfunctional neglect of criminality leading to border chaos and lawlessness has similarly contributed to violent crime, looting, and street thuggery surges amid police-defunding and offender-forgiveness movements that are reducing life for many far-left Democrat-controlled city residents to a real-life dystopia.
Arguably President Biden’s most deliberately indefensible abrogation of his constitutional responsibility is his de facto attacks on patriotism in public schools which characterize America as a “systemically racist” society through tacit endorsements of neo-Marxist critical race theory (CRT) indoctrination and “1619 Project” propaganda which recasts our great nation’s founding purpose being to institutionalize human enslavement.

Such teachings do great discredit and disservice to a country that fought a terribly painful Civil War to end slavery — a united nation founded and grounded on principles of freedom and equal justice for all.

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At school board meetings across the nation, the battle is on.

Critical Race Theory must be rejected on all levels. It is a cancer to our society and will further divide this already broken nation. Day-in and day-out, the fascist Democrat party seeks to divide and thereby destroy American society. One of their biggest crowbars to tear things apart is race.

To turn Americans against one another. It’s the Marxist way to crumble a society into dust so they can control it.

Interestingly, the Democrat Party concept about race is the same as the Nazi race idea. That everything is based on race. And a person is not defined by his or her individual character, but simply by their race. And the Democrat idea is the Nazi race idea that the “white race” and “black race” are at war. That every single white person is a soldier on behalf of oppression.
The vast majority of Americans reject Nazi Critical Race Theory and are fighting back. Democrat Nazi tyrants fear this resistance so much; they use a weaponized Department of Justice against parents who dare speak the truth in school board meetings.

Still, Americans of all races are standing, taking the flack. When there’s flack, it means we are over the target.
Knowing that our political, social, economic resistance is in part a battle of words, can we find a battle ax to blunt quickly the Nazi race lies of CRT?

Certainly, we can find many, and use them all. Here is one suggestion:

We condemn and crush the idea that any individual person is responsible for actions taken by other people.

And we might as well add:

We reject Democrat Nazi Critical Race Theory on its face.

There it is. Just a few words. It won’t win the battle, but it’s a good battle cry against the fake intellectual Nazi race movement, Critical Race Theory.

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Much of the moral rot of today’s culture in America can be traced to one primary cause: compassion abuse. “What?” you cry, “Decent people are compassionate! Decent people want to help the less fortunate. It is the Christian thing to do. What are you? Some kind of cruel monster who wants to let people suffer?” We see this in the news on a daily basis
You get the pattern. For anything anyone lacks (or wants), the government will provide it, in the name of compassion. What kind and virtuous people, these government socialist politicians and bureaucrats. They can brag about how virtuous they are with other people’s money: yours! And in the process, they create a constituency of people dependent on them for food, shelter, cell phones, health care, etc.

A significant reason for the moral rot is the indiscriminate abuse of compassion. We Americans have had the Christian virtue of compassion hi-jacked by Progressive Socialists for their own agenda: producing dependent drones who unthinkingly obey the “sugar daddy” socialist state which showers goodies on them indiscriminately in the name of compassion. Christians sometimes forget that St. Paul said “… if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

We are in the middle stages of this process of building dependency on government through the policy of compassion abuse. Just like a drug pusher, the government hands out “free” samples of goodies initially to get you hooked. Free housing. Free food. Free childcare. And during Covid/Wuhan, free pay to stay home. Once you are hooked on drugs, you suffer severe and violent withdrawal behaviors when you are cut off from the drugs. We see these same severe and damaging “withdrawal symptoms” whenever taxpayers want to cut back or end any of the government freebie programs: riots, cancel and fire the person suggesting cuts, threats, social shaming, and shunning.

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Are solar panels Keto, Gluten-Free, or even digestible? Can I deep fry one? How about putting one on the BBQ? Are there any good recipes for cooking or baking a solar panel? Why the ridiculous questions you ask? As I drove down the highways recently, I noticed farmlands that used to have peanuts, corn, cotton, and hay now have fields of “planted” solar panels. Now I know why there is a big need for more illegals. Harvesting those big solar panel crops will require a lot more cisgender power.

Since Communists hate Americans especially cheerful Americans, the Communist EPA decided to screw up the supply chain. According to Chris Wright, “The central problem traces back to the fateful day when the EPA allowed California to mandate stricter emission standards on, among other things, big trucks. Then the EPA gave California the power to prohibit trucks that fail to meet the state’s stiffer standards. This immediately wiped out half the available trucking fleet because, in effect, it meant trucks older than three years old could not be used in California. So it’s no surprise there’s a shortage of trucks to move cargo out of California’s ports just like night follows day.” Merry Christmas from baby-killer Joe and Gruesome Newsom. Will they go to parties without masks? You Bet. Will Gavin continue to ferment grapes spewing an unchecked amount of CO2 in his vineyard? You Bet.

FYI: Sentences that are: Mandatory, Required, Mandated, Requested, Ordered, Ordinance, Decrees, Compulsory ARE NOT LAWS. I will not comply, will you?

Remember, by 2030, “You will own nothing and like it.” If you don’t give up everything you own to the government for redistribution, we can not save the planet. Don’t be selfish; it’s for the greater good.

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Imagine if the Federal government, the Teacher’s Unions, the National School Boards Association, National Council on Family Relations, Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, the National Media, including all social media platforms, and Radical Progressives in Congress focused their time and efforts on scolding Black Americans that “Blackness” is at the core of American “Racism?”

What if they insisted a person can be “Black” without giving in to “Blackness?” What if they demanded Blacks give up their misplaced Black Supremacy, including their Black Privilege & Black Fragility. After all, they dominate most amateur and professional sports in America and much of the entertainment industry.

So you ask, why would the so-called Progressive Left do such a thing! Wouldn’t this be completely opposite of what they believe and preach? Well, yes it would be. But for the Left, political ideologies are like clothes; when the weather changes, so do their dressing habits. If they thought a 180-degree change in ideology is what they needed to win and stay in power, they’d turn so fast you’d likely suffer a severe whiplash by just watching.

So, in ten years, who’s to say that the Left won’t change their minds on Whiteness versus Blackness?” But for now, The Democrats have moved so far Left that if the political world were indeed flat, they’re as far Left as they can go before falling into a dark and endlessly deep abyss.
Because Whites are the majority race in America, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to topple their numerical position. They attack White people, who, through no fault of their own, are White, not Black, Brown, or any other racial skin color.

President Biden’s efforts to conquer Whiteness is second only to insisting every American must be vaccinated against COVID-19. If Dr. Anthony Fauci could develop a vaccine against Whiteness, this preposterous drug would also be a top-listed mandatory injection.

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In the heat of battle, as well as the Arizona and Texas heat, it doesn’t take long for a committed soldier to remind himself that he still belongs to the human race. By the time I returned to Arizona, I had lost almost 15 pounds. That’s when I got the virus. Now, still in recovery, I’ve had my moments of questioning the sanity of so many pursuits. But only for a fleeting moment.

Then I thought about President Trump who seemed to run on indefatigably with a schedule that made mine look like a stroll through the park. And then there are my medical colleagues who so graciously are caring for Covid patients with early treatment, despite receiving the brunt of constant insults, numerous investigations, threats to livelihood, family stressors, discouragement, and trying themselves to survive in the evil pandemic world. Granted, the narrative of the sinister pandemic plot seems to be gradually crumbling, but the warriors who have held the lines of battle are still very few in number. Heroes are made, not born.
This is only because when man loses his fear of God, all true courage is lost. If man will not defend his own honor, how then can he expect to defend his brother’s freedom? It simply is impossible. Self-sacrifice comes not initially from one’s heart, but from one’s experience. Anyone who has tasted of the goodness from the cross of Jesus Christ knows this fact to be true. An army’s strength comes from its leader. Only a love for one’s leader will nullify all fear. And only a perfect love casts out all fear.

The art of self-sacrifice is now all but lost. But it needn’t be. That’s just what America needs right now. Self-sacrifice. We must call upon the Mighty Warrior who granted us favor in the dawn’s early light, The Great Warrior King who strengthens the soul against all enemies. And we must avow to conquer the enemy within—the enemy called fear within our own hearts, and then the enemy within our very borders.

Ye who would—rise up now! Now is the time!

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Sadly, it never ends. They are communists on a quest to own and control every aspect of human activity. There are more of us than there are of them, so they must give the illusion they are the majority. They believe that an educated populace will demand more than an uneducated populace.

“To control millions of people, you lie to them.”

You must frighten them into conformity, inhibit their ability to communicate. All their programs are expensive and NEVER WORK. This way, they can continually blame not enough money, time. If their programs worked, they wouldn’t be needed. They do not value life, so they don’t care if the people ever learn because if they do, they become competition.

Everything is to help the Whole. It doesn’t matter what the subject it is for the common good, for the good of the whole, the collective.

Be a citizen of the whole world. You must follow this behavior; the government will take care of you. They are creating Hitler’s Aryan German citizen. Everyone is the same. They are following Agenda 21 with a new name, 2030, Green New Deal, Great Reset…

“Resistance is futile. You must assimilate or be exterminated.”

Ignorance is Bliss.

Time to act. Just say NO. Boycott one communist democrat establishment. Stop allowing schools to reduce standards. Low standards produce mediocrity. Americans are paying to win while its government is squandering money in pay-for-play schemes ensuring America’s loss.

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When everything’s a crisis, nothing is a crisis!

When everything is a catastrophe, then what’s not a catastrophe?

When we’re all in panic, is the pandemic far behind?

But don’t doubt for a second there’s not a crisis, a catastrophe, a panic, and a pandemic brewing in our American educational system.

Naturally, when we talk about elementary, middle, or public high school education today, we are rightly obsessed with cancer that is Critical Race Theory (CRT). However, our real fear is that if CRT isn’t stopped, it will metastasize across all educational domains, resulting in, among other disturbing outcomes, a racial war among our children.

Parental hysterics over public school adoption of Critical Race Theory tenants is not only righteous but critically important if we’re going to arrest race-baiting and skin color as an excuse for the failure of African American and Hispanic American student performance. Moreover, we must reduce the heated fiction among ourselves before igniting a race fire we can’t quickly extinguish.
As for Black and Hispanic students, according to Critical Race Theory proponents, White European culture is deeply ingrained in American society. CRT claims the ever-persistent stream of White cultural racism dominates all social interactions at the expense of African and Hispanic Americans. But they fail to account for the success of Asian American students.

Nevertheless, according to CRT enthusiasts, racial discrimination, predominately discrimination and segregation of Black and Hispanic students, remains dominant in public education, relegating these minorities to under-funded, poor-quality schools. They claim this, in turn, dooms Black and Hispanic Americans to perpetual poverty and second-class citizenship.