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What we really need is conservatives with balls. Like stop caving to people when you speak out against something you think is bad. Ignore the backlash and stand your ground. I hear all this talk about the “high road” and where does it get us? The more liberal viewpoint is increasingly becoming more and more into the status quo. We need some people who are willing to fight back and hold their own and stop bending over backwards for people that will never be happy and will hate you no matter what you do for them

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Oh no. They aren’t even gonna raise a finger against Beijing. Even though it’s the CCP’s fault for the COVID-19 pandemic in the first place, we’ll be lucky if Washington (and by extension the outer world) will even pinky-slap them. They build up their military and land-grab, we try to find ways to put heavily-pregnant in danger of the war-zone.

Nobody’s willing to hold them accountable.

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The [sic] the later enlightenment up to the early 20th century made up such denser, more absurd, and more ignorant kinds of irrational myths and pseudosciences borne out of infantile anti-religious sentiments that make the cheese moon look entirely feasible and reasonable by comparison. The fields of historical research and social observation are still reeling from its setbacks.

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I just want to say this to my comrades.

Unlike what certain kinds of people will claim, you are not worthless, stupid, or an impediment to the development of the world.

You have a proud, rich heritage of two millennia which spans the globe.

The Church tilled the soil for modern science. It nurtured the arts. It saved lives and continues to do so. It has no shortage of inventors and doctors who revolutionized their fields; rebels and heroes who wouldn’t back down.

A blind eye is turned to such stories in favor of myths about how we caused the Middle Ages and are responsible for all the deaths and wars since that Shavuot morning.

Know your history and remember, my comrades... a day will come when you’ll be free.

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And they need to try a way to make it subtle too. Let's face it, a lot of ideas the liberals believe are pretty laughable and if done right, I'm sure they can be lampooned really well. Or if on a more serious note, put some thought and soul into the works without it going overboard on being preachy. I'm confident it can be done if it's done right. Show the dangers of the other side, but try not to overdo it

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I don't mind Buddhists, Hinduists, Muslim, and even atheists. I respect their stances. However, Jehovah's Witness, and other so called "heretics", boil my blood with fury. I have no tolerance for them. If I could get away with it, I am afraid that the more rational and God-fearing part of me would be overwhelmed by my mad desire to commit physical violence.

Why is that so? I can't properly explain. I think it has to do with them going around people's doors like a solicitors. I once had them in front of my doors. I don't remember much, but one of the things they said was that I was not following the true way of God and that I need to accept their teachings in order to be truly saved.

I told them that I was not feeling well and kindly asked them to leave, which they did. However, I felt like grabbing my thick Study Bible and bash their heads in. I found their attitude revolting. Who do they think they are, followers of this generation's Martin Luther? I know that this is not the attitude that Christ would approve, but that's how it is with me.

Who knows. I don't know about JW that much so I can't really judge them. Even if I did, I shouldn't judge them, for those who judge will be judged. That's about all I can say.

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(In the context of cherry-picking Bible passages.)

In general, burning several thousand tons of oxygen will destroy a bunch of stuff. But funny enough, that's how you send a Saturn V rocket to orbit. And sending a rocket to orbit would seem to be a contradiction of the laws of gravity. Cherry-picking?

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I don't know how to send this message to the administrator or whoever's in charge of this page. So I thought I'd post it here. This page is open to all members of the public, isn't that right? Including conservatives who voted for our current President, like myself. I'm really bothered when I come to certain pages and they bash our President like the Billy West Page who used to have the words 'Much Loathed Presidential Candidate Donald Trump'. First of all, he is NOT much loathed because he won by a landslide! (yes, he won by a landslide, no Russians were involved, he is popular in the Midwestern states and a LOT of people in my own town voted for him!) Plus he is not President -elect anymore, he is the President! The fact that I can't go into the Saturday Night Live page either because I get offended by what they say is bad too. Not to mention Alec Baldwin did NOT deserve that Emmy.

Please tell the people editing these pages to watch what they say and type. Some people here LIKE our President and DID vote for him and they have a right to be here and not get insulted or offended!

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I am one of those people who think that abortions should be illegal even in the case of life-saving ones. It is tragic that such situations happen, and I will not speak ill of people who made a different call, but the terms of the issue do not change: one person does not have the right to cause the death of another, innocent person.

Not even to save his or her own life. There might be some leeway if the mother's death would be very likely to cause the child's death, I am not sure about that; but that's about it.

There is a reason why Gianna Beretta Molla is a Saint...

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First, even if everything ya'll say is true, then placing a child into a homosexual couple is not a great idea. Second, it disagrees with my religious beliefs and I want my child to be raised into the same beliefs that I was. On that second criteria alone, I would reject all homosexual couples, all non-christian couples, and more then a few christian couples.

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[When told by a person in a gay relationship that ending her relationship would be harmful for her in a dicussion on Religion and Homosexuality Soban responds]

Just because the kid considers a spanking harmful, does not mean it is.

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"...with deviants successfully lobbying many governments to normalize and promote their mental diseases and impose social acceptance of them on their citizens, anyone thus cured [of being gay] faces brutal persecution from the homofascist bigots who support these intolerant and oppressive perverts and the punitive psychiatry of their totalitarian regimes..."

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If we're going to be relative with Christianity, let us think about the 2 most high profile extremist organizations of their respective religions. The Westboro Baptist Church, an organization which offends people by protesting at funerals and being wildly discriminatory, has a membership of 39. The Islamic State, an organization which offends by beheading Kafirs, as well as everybody who follows a different sect of Islam has a membership of 250,000. There are 2.4 billion Christians, where as there are 1.6 billion Muslims. Acting like there is any similarity is dishonesty with yourself.
Extremism is an Islamic problem, and should be talked about on this article, instead of an advertisement for Islam.

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"You hacker will bun in hell for eternal life for you have sinned against God. And to claim that it was all a lie is also a sin. You will be punished for surely, for I am for real! I am a prophet of the lord, and I will get my own way! You are not who you say you are, and however dare you call yourself a real believer in Christ! A hacker is only been sent by Stan as a lie to make me look like a fool, but I same not a fool, but it is you that is a fool for hacking my account in the first place. You a will be surveying in the flames of the eternal claims of hell! You dare take me on when I have Dog on my seed! I am a protest of the lord and his give my power above all you you. Donut dare take me on again, for hacking is a sin, and will be punished as such."
(Remember this guy? Also,he has a book called Prayer Warrior. At this point, I am not so sure that Old Tommy Brown is a troll.)

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[On Nostalgia Chick's "Dethroning Moment"]

This may just be for petty political reasons, but mine comes from her review of ''RENT''. For context, she replied to the line "Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn" with "I have literally never sinned in my life". Excuse me, miss. But I am pro-life. I know you filmed your abortion. For me, THAT is a sin! Thus, I felt this comment came off as pretentious at best and arrogant at worst.

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I was just thinking; if we ever met intelligent aliens, would it be right to count them as people? I mean, OK, so they're smart enough to communicate with us, so what? They're still not human, and thus pretty much the same as any other animal, just smarter. And what is it about intelligence that should automatically give you more rights anyway? What makes humans, human? If it is intelligence, what of babies, kids, and mentally challenged adults?

Also, given the way we humans love to play God and tamper in DNA for shits and giggles, what if one day we managed to genetically engineer an Earth animal to be intelligent? Like, say, pigs. Would we have any obligation to grant smart pigs rights on par with a human? And what of their dumber counterparts? No more bacon? Although, I recon the regular, dumb pigs would be to smart pigs like chimps are to humans, which doesn't really help. A lot of people give certain protections to chimps, and it's argued that they're so similar to humans. But they're also endangered. Would smart pigs have compassion for dumb pigs because of their similarities, or nothing change, since they're so plentiful?

And what would give a robot any rights, regardless of how smart it is? In the end, it is still nothing more than a well programmed machine, even if the hypothetical technology existed to let it feel emotions.

[ I think that "personhood" is an artificial concept that most of us subconsciously redefine to our own ethical convenience. For instance, if you own a pet piglet, you are probably going to think of pigs as "persons", because your relationship with your pet is more emotionally satisfying that way. But if you're eating bacon, then you probably won't subconsciously grant pigs personhood, because in that context to do so would be emotionally distressing and dissonant. ]

Yeah, this is why I believe animals don't have souls. Any worth any given animal has, only has that value because another human put it on them. Everybody cares about their pet, but nobody cares about the stray that was put down (at least most people don't) or that gazelle that got shot. People who oppose hunting for stupid reasons seem to care about cutesie animals like deer and such, but will still gladly buy butchered cattle at a grocery store.

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