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I look 8+ and have a wife, but I like incel ideology. Am I in the right place?
Hi Guys

So, as you can see in my post count, I'm new to the incelsphere.
I wonder if I'm in the right place. I like a lot of the incel ideology. I hate feminism, and can't stand the LGBTQ+ community, because of their hypocrisy and misandrism.
I think a patriarchy similar to Japan in the past would be great. I also like the evolutionary explanation that incels offer for male and female behavior - it makes a lot of sense to me.

But as I understand it, incel means involuntary celibate, and I'm not really celibate. I have a wife (a very nice one, not a feminist).
And also I am definitely 8+ looks wise, according to the girls I met 10. Girls say I'm very handsome. (I won't post pictures.)

So I wonder if I'm in the right place. Can I be here, even if I'm not celibate?

No you are not in the right place.

You can not be an Incel or be on Incel forums if you have a wife and are a 8/10 in looks.

You are just black pilled.

But you seem good. You hate feminism and LGBTQ freaks so that's good.

Just spread knowledge of the black pill and black pill talking points somewhere else.



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