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Men to Stay and Fight, Women to Flee. Are Men Equal To Women?
How the Ukraine war debunks feminism and reveals the wisdom of Islam

Ukraine has banned all male citizens, aged 18 to 60, from leaving the country.
They have to stay behind as soldiers and fight the Russian invasion. But women are allowed to flee to safety.
But can’t women do everything men can do, even better?!
That is what we have been hearing from feminists over the last two hundred years. Today we see them silent.
Feminists say that “the future is female,” but when the war comes, the future is male, whether they like it or not.
Have you heard any feminists raging and calling this Ukranian decision misogyny?
No. Some have even outright admitted that their feminism doesn’t extend to war times. In war, feminist ideologies melt away, and we see the wisdom of Islam.
The Quran commands men to be leaders. They are commanded to protect and spend on women. They don’t have the luxury of choice. Allah, the creator of both, says that men have a degree of authority over women.

Men are the caretakers of women, as men have been provisioned by Allah over women and tasked with supporting them financially. Quran (4:34)

Unfortunately for feminists, Allah is not male or female, so they cannot claim that these commands come from a male God. Allah created them both, the man and woman, and identified the roles of each party based on their needs and capabilities.

When you’re brainwashed into believing that the human race came from monkeys (evolution), then this is where problems start.
The myth of gender equality doesn’t bring justice to men or women because it’s not based on understanding the capabilities and needs of each party and dealing with them accordingly.
Men are physically and psychologically different from women. Therefore their capabilities and needs are also different.
Men have additional responsibilities that women are not burdened with, like protecting and spending on the family and fighting at wars. They have the capabilities to do so.
Islam recognizes these inherent differences between men and women and gives everyone suitable responsibilities.



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