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For all you who think the earth is doomed I will tell you we were told that about 2000 years ago when the book of revelation was written. In chapter 16 of that book Jon the Revelator stated that because of mans' sins God allows the sun to get much hotter than normal. Even with all the heat that the sun creates people still will not listen to God. By not listing to God they seal their own fate. So in the end those who will not and did not listen to God will be burned up to ashes. The saints who are the only ones who listened to God are left and will walk up on the ashes of the sinners, the ones who did not listen to God.
So that time is near even at the door so don't be surprised to see thing get worse. Not only the climate but also what people do which is exactly what is happening just like it said it would. People today are copping what the people did before the big flood. BTW, after the big flood God said that he would never destroy the earth by a flood again. In other places He said that he would use fire to purify the earth to make it suitable for habitation. The only people who will be upon the earth after it is purified by fire are the people that hid themselves in the Savior Jesus Christ. These are the same people that have decided to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of time which we know is never ending.I

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