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[ToxicFemininity] Women and individual selective traits

Females are more individual selective than males. Males have a sense of truth and are more prone to self sacrifice by giving their live for the group. It is ironic that the group which is more individual selective more often gangs up to mercilessly genocide or hinder the group selective group. It is because of egoism, lack of empathy, lack of mercy and only looking to your own good, not that of the group, nation, humanity or world.

Females favour individual selection when selecting mates. Women favour violence, fear and the dark triad of personality besides good physique and health which are universally healthy. If the group got destroyed in war by a more group selective group, women would just have sex with the males of the victorious people akin to how lionesses mate with the male lion as soon as he has killed her kids and baby daddy. It lies thus in the male interest to increase group selection while female instincts which favour individual selective traits remain. This can be done by normalising a culture of arranged marriage or to execute males who practice abundantly individual selective behaviour.



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