Wayne Allyn Root #wingnut creators.com

This country is such a mess under President Joe Biden. It's hard to even believe what's happening is real. How can this many things be going wrong at once? It seems like fiction. Or a nightmare.

If you ever pitched this as a screenplay in Hollywood, they'd laugh you out of town.

The borders are open and millions of foreign migrants, murderers, terrorists, rapists and dangerous military-age males from Hamas, Hezbollah, MS-13 and our mortal enemy China are pouring in.

Crime is out of control. In Washington, a former Trump administration official was just carjacked and almost killed on a busy street just blocks from the White House.

In New York City, a mob of illegal aliens beat two NYPD cops in the middle of a busy street. Then, after being arrested, they were released within hours with "no bail."

Biden says the economy is roaring, yet UPS just laid off 12,000 employees nationwide. UPS obviously knows Biden is lying.

Inflation is still raging — ask Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. She just admitted high prices are here to stay. But I didn't need Janet Yellen to tell me. Almost everything I spend my money on is at record highs — my electric bill, car insurance, health insurance, groceries and restaurant bills.



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