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81 Million Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine

That's right...Dementiacrats OWN THIS....ALL 81,000,000 of you totally real voters that voted against mean Tweets...and cast their multiple, completely legit and honest, mail-in ballots for good old Joe.

Putin saw how Biden handled Afghanistan...and said: "THIS IS GOOD!"

Putin also has zero respect or fear of the dementia patient currently making "boom-boom" in his pants in the oval office.
Sadly, free crack pipes no longer buy the kind of international respect they used to.

Putin looked at the US southern border...and saw how little Biden cares about protecting international borders from invasion.

Putin knows from experience how democrat administrations will give him everything he wants...including a de-nuclearized Ukraine...

...EXCEPT for those 4 years of Trump, where Putin was stopped dead in his tracks.

Yes,...thanks to you 81 million 'Dementia Joe' fans, with Biden, Putin knows he hit the jackpot...and decided there was no better time to make his big move into Ukraine.


Democrats...enjoy the fruits of your electoral labors.
Now...just sit back, enjoy your totally legit and honest electoral victory as you watch inflation, war and crime F**k you and everyone else up the ass!

ALSO...keep an eye on China and Iran.
You're just gonna LOVE what they've got planned.

THEY'VE been watching Biden too...and are also grateful to all 81 million of you.

I didn't vote for the imbecile in the oval office.



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