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[From "UK: Woman Fined £150 for Feeding Pigeons in the Park"]

This is how the law operates in Britain

In a sane country, this woman would’ve been dragged to the nearest tree and hanged for this atrocity, but in Britain she only gets a fine

I realize some of you might be shocked by this statement, and I would’ve been too at one point in my life, but that was before reading Dick Dastardly’s On the Pigeons and Their Lies, the first book that made me see the world as it truly is

Once you take the pigeonpill, and you realize that these creatures are not just minor nuisances that occasionally crap on your head, but the true incarnation of evil in this world, and the source of all mankind’s problems, there’s no turning back

There can be no mercy for their collaborators


A woman received an ‘extortionate’ £150 fine for throwing two small crusts from a sandwich to pigeons in Manchester city centre

Hazel Kirby’s punishment was triple the fine paid by Boris Johnson for breaching Covid lockdown restrictions at a Downing Street birthday party[…]

We are at fault for not slaying the pigeons



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