Lurker-Bee et al. #crackpot #psycho #racist #sexist

If a follower was super stubborn about all your evil, racist, sexist posts being "just fantasy" how satisfying would it be to make her/him admit the truth? :3

This happens a lot. I think when people realize I'm surprisingly nice. Most of my examples are of leftie white lesbians. I suppose it is some sort of denial. "she couldn't possibly be a white supremacist, she is so kind and sweet."

Well, eventually they realize. They squirm in discomfort and excitement. This phase is truly adorable.

Whether they are returning in shame or not. They are broken, just enough for me to put back together and make sure bits stay broken. That is the satisfying part of their realization. I get to reshape their mind. Now, they know they love getting off to white supremacy, they love talking to a white nationalist, they love their skin and their heritage (or their new place in the hierarchy). Some still publicly hide their new life (you know who you are), others embrace it. I love being part of people's political and sexual journeys.

Obviously we need to increase white numbers or risk genocide worldwide. Do you support family love and inbreeding to grow large clans?

I adore family love! It obviously has its downsides but I think white biologists should focus on softening or eliminating them. White girls bred by their daddies and brothers should be common!

Do you think all minorities should go extinct?

Of course not! White diversity is sufficient, but I am not heartless. We should keep the races separate and not equal. Should a white man be denied an asian woman pet provided he wants one? I don't think so. Separate but still subservient.



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