various commenters #transphobia

Translation: We don't want you to groom our toddler

( sojourner_truth_ )
It looks like this landlord knows about TIMs and their interest in children. By which I mean sexual interest in children. Thank god the child was spared from being exposed to this pervert!

( Unicorn )
A parent doesn't want an openly delusional, fetishistic, and narcissistic man living with their two-year-old child. Shocking!

( RusticTroglodyte )
Cannot blame them. I wouldn't rent to a tim either. I wouldn't rent to any men tbh but especially not a tim. Who wants to walk on eggshells around a pornsick pervert. Who wants a pervert around their baby

( VestalVirgin )
They still seem a bit naive.

I wouldn't have mentioned the baby, would have made it all about the parking. Safer that way.

Not only because he could sue them, but also because he might visit to, er ... "see" the child.

Most AGPs seem to be more into little girls, but you never know.



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