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Weirdos Who Want To Sexualize Your Children Should Absolutely Be Stigmatized As Groomers
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Not All Groomers Are Pedophiles
Of course, the left-wing media, joined by the National Reviews and Trump-crazed of the world, will call this a “smear” and say that it’s an exaggeration that serves only to minimize the horrific experiences of victims of pedophiles. We’re “redefining grooming,” they say, “and slinging false accusations of sympathy for pedophilia.”

Except we’re not. You don’t have to be a pedophile to be a sexual groomer of children. And the type of child sexualization and exploitation occurring in kindergartens through high schools across the country represents the hallmarks of grooming. It’s all right there.

Below is the “groomer” explainer on the American Bar Association website, which also says that “sexual grooming key elements” include “targeting the victim, securing access to and isolating the victim, gaining the victim’s trust, and controlling and concealing the relationship,” all of which happen too easily in school settings.

Check out these grooming behaviors to see if any of them ring a bell:


According to the website ChildHelp, which seeks to prevent child abuse, “grooming includes … gaining trust and access … playing a role in the child’s life, isolating the child, [and] creating secrecy around the relationship.” It goes on to say that signs of grooming include “showing pornography to a child” and “talking about sexual topics that are not age appropriate.”

Joel Barry, the managing editor of The Babylon Bee (which has been censored for truthful statements about sex and gender), put it correctly when he said, “Most teachers aren’t themselves pedophiles, but they are working in a pedophilic system designed to make kids more exploitable—both politically and sexually.” He continued:

They aren’t grooming kids for a specific pedophile, necessarily. They’re grooming them for a system of pedophilia — which in the long run will result in horrors we can’t comprehend. Find your courage and stop it.




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