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[Theory] Race mixing is genocide

Eliot Rodger was mainly an incel because he was race mixed and I am also multiracial because of my noddlewhore mother

and some of the ugliest people are race mixed so Ive come to the theory that race mixed people are more likely to become incels than pure white or pure blooded blacks

and also foids despise race mixed people they see them as subhuman

humans were not meant to interbreed and interbreeding with other races leads to hybrid subhumans like these listed above and races have been seperated and isolated for so long it allowed races to evolve into completely different sub-species as to such if a south african was to race mix with a white european the baby would end up an incel because scientifically speaking their DNA has been so seperated that people wont be able to recognize the baby as particularily european or particularily black

also race mixing has been shown in scientific papers to lead to more birth defects and more notes of autism and down syndrome

thats why we have so much propaganda on race mixing because race mixed people are more likely to be autistic incels :feelsthink: what do you think about it?



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