Incels #sexist #racist

[On a video of a woman crying while her dog is being euthanised]

[SuicideFuel] Brutal Dogpill: No woman will ever cry like this for you
She will miss the intense moments of pleasure, brought to her by the hard knot of the dog.
is this even really dogpill? people lose their pets all the time and cry, both men and women
You're looking at it wrong, she didn't just lose a pet, she lost a boyfriend.
imagine being owned by a fat tattoued (previous whore for sure )who forces you to lick her stinky flappy pussy .
idk but besides our mom no woman in the world will ever show this level of emotion to us if we died.

Hell I bet more than half of the moms of the users of this forum wouldn't cry like this if their son died
Fuck her i cried my whole life and. No one ever gave a fuck.

Now shell go on kikebook and sell the soys and cunts a sob story and get tons of sympathy and support for her dead LE DOGGO PUPPERINO

Fuck you and fuck ur dead dog



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