Various Posters #racist

(in response to Biden opting to place Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill)

(Massa Skim): Great... I wonder how long before he replaces Grant with Obongo on the Fiddy Dollah beel

(Beige Mix): There's a wide array of mixed race actresses and entertainers & if one of them was on the $20 you could wear sunglasses and not notice what they were, but H.T. is just ... gross.

(Dred Scott): Not even in office a week yet and already kissing nigger ass with stunts like this. Despicable! That sow was nothing but a typical nigger criminal, not to mention one of the most hideous sheboons ever. Who wants to look at that turd pile? Oh well, after this administration ruins our economy we won't have to worry about it because our money will be as worthless as the niggers pictured on it.

(Tired of Them): No doubt we shall have a nigger on a British note sometime in the not so distant future. The vile creatures have only been here since the 1950s and I'm trying to think of a famous nigger from Britain. By the way, I've never heard of Tubman. I remember Ram-Man from the He-Man cartoons but was not aware of the legendary Tubman. I still can't think of a nigger from Britain that libtards could nominate to go on a note. Any suggestions?

(Georgia Son): It's just another ungrateful nigger, only known because of the criminal smuggling route known as the underground railroad. not fit to be wiped off on a shit scraper.



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