Andrew Anglin #sexist

[From "Harvey Rape-Hoaxed Again by Courts! 18 More Years!"]

Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of rape, yet again, exclusively on the claims of prostitutes who were parasiting off of him.


Former movie producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and two other sexual assault counts by a Los Angeles jury[…]
The jury could not reach a verdict on two allegations, including rape, by Jennifer Siebel Newsom[…]who previously disclosed she was Jane Doe 4 in the trial[…]

Imagine being Gavin Newsom and laying down in bed with your wife every night and knowing she had sex with Harvey Weinstein

You’d have to tell yourself it was rape

But all men know it wasn’t rape. And apparently, her lies weren’t even enough to convict a jury of angry kooks[…]
I’m sure there was a lot of really clear evidence of stuff from 10-20 years ago!

Who is buying this bullshit???

The only way they got away with it is this: Weinstein is repulsive, and people just simply do not like him

However, now that they’ve set this precedent, it applies to all men in America

Heterosexual sex is now illegal[…]

Four additional women offered similar stories to buttress the prosecution’s arguments that Weinstein routinely abused his position as a Hollywood power player to prey on women

No one argues that point. He never argued that point

The point of contention is “is it rape?” and the obvious answer is no

It wasn’t rape in the cases of dozens of other women, who all admitted to having sex with him in exchange for roles in films. Those women came out and whined that he should have given them the roles for free[…]
They made the deal. Now they say they regret it. I doubt they regret getting the opportunities he gave them



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