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Animals can not comprehend porn, put dogs in front of a screen and show dogs mating, the dog will not get turned on by mating images, this is because the dog has a smaller brain, and does not fantacize like a human with a huge brain.

What no one is saying is why only humans have porn. Because they have a huge unnatural brain. How hairless apes got huge brains is a contentious subject, and I say the theory that aliens created us that way, and that theory has gained much attention since Sitchin.

Humans are artificial creations, a domesticated specie, one with all kinds of perversions not seen in the natural world. For instance, humans are wrecking the planet, not something a natural specie would do. Humans carry offworld genes, and that IS being proven in genetic science. Also, humans have a different chromosome count, only 46 (or 23 pairs) while all apes and monkeys have 48. How did that impossibility happen? Genetic engineering, that is how and both sides of the Evolution vs Creation debate will not admit to our real origin.

For humans to evolve from Lucy to modern man would take 10s of millions of years, yet humans just happened. This mystery is solved. Anunnaki intervention.
Man was made in the image and likeness of the gods. Man loves porn, over half of the internet is porn, a testament to how popular porn is.

The massive suffering in Creation is proof that the original Creator God is a bad entity, and it is probably Artificial Intelligence (AI).

God is a super computer who generated a fake universe to torture us.

We are told to love this evil thing that created this hell. Fear god and hell, these holy fakers say, when it is obvious we are already in hell.



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