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See what I did there in the title? ;)

So, it has come to my attention just how ugly leftists are. And I mean that in every literal way possible.
They're physically unattractive, when they talk it's always a few octaves louder than required when presenting a point, they always look like they drank raw lemon juice just before they speak and it's as though they have mastered the usage of every other vital function but the ones that matter i.e they know how to talk, but their ears are used conditionally, they know how to think but feelings entangle into their thoughts and do not separate before coming out their mouths.

Oh, and they support criminal activity i.e AntiFa, BLM and illegal immigration, and they protect pedophiles, rapists and murderers. They also historically supported slavery and condemned its abolition.

Why are these people not being lined up at the execution range en mas and by the truck loads? There will be absolutely no negative repercussions for getting rid of these monsters; evil is not meant to be condemned or imprisoned, it's mean to be destroyed entirely from reality. Duh.




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