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RE: CAIS women

I have no problem considering persons with CAIS as though they were girls and women socially. Biologically, however, they are XY, SRY gene positive males with a DSD that occurs only in males. The sex development and health of females who have the same exact genetic mutations that cause CAIS in males are completely unaffected by those genetic anomalies. Because only male sex development is driven by and dependent on testosterone produced by the testes, and only males can have faulty male androgen receptors.

Also, socially doesn't mean medically. For the sake of people with CAIS's own health and wellbeing, it's crucial that their male sex, genetics and male-only DSD be acknowledged and kept front and center when it comes to matters like medical care, assessing their risks for developing certain diseases, anticipating how diseases will affect them, and treating the diseases and health conditions they develop. Their sex also needs to be taken into account when estimating their life spans for purposes of planning and budgeting for their old age and purchasing longterm care insurance.

their bodies are fully incapable of using testosterone from basically birth, meaning they have no functional male anatomy for basically their whole lives.

But persons with CAIS all develop and are born with testes that produce massive amounts of testosterone, usually in the high end of the normal male range, or exceeding the top end of the normal male range. At birth, CAIS testes also contain the gamete germ cells that in other males will later on develop into sperm. Some researchers today are predicting that with advances in assisted reproductive technologies, the time will come when persons with CAIS will be able to become biological parents.

How exactly do you figure that testes that pump out massive amounts of T and contain male gamete germ cells don't count as "functional male anatomy"?




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