Crystals of Inner Earth and Agarthans via Galaxygirl #crackpot #magick #conspiracy #ufo

Greetings, most beloved ones. We are the Crystals of Inner Earth. We are connecting currently with this one from Agartha, inner realm of peace and great beauty. (I am seeing a crystal city surrounded by forests and fields of green. I am hearing a humming and feeling that this is a very high vibrational place. Beautiful tall people are walking wearing simple white clothing that is draped, adorned with precious metals in their hair and on their clothing. Serene crystal homes that are size adjustable, simple and clean have privacy technology or can be made transparent, depending on the needl. The people are happy smiling, waving.) We crystals are in tune here.
Gravity is kind to us, deep inside the Mother, and we are taller but be assured that we mean only the greatest of wills towards you. All is proceeding. Again I am seeing a massive purple crystal besides green and clear quartz.) Our crystals wish to connect and we recommend that you think of them as you ground to Gaia for it will assist with anchoring your memories of the higher dimensional ways and places, most specifically Agartha. Many of you have visited in your soul journeys. Soon we wish for the surface to reflect such peace and balance. We see the solar flash as inevitable and something to be greatly anticipated but not to be waited for. Ignite your own inner solar flash of the higher dimensional consciousness, of one who is awake and aware and cumulatively this will greatly enhance humanity’s receptivity to the solar flash from Source which is waiting in the wings. The Pleiadians are utilizing their own higher dimensional plasma light frequencies and technology to assist from the air. We assist from within.



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