Candace Owens #conspiracy

Now that everyone is paying attention to the CIA, I’ll ask the question: Why are they considered “American” when they so clearly do not serve the American people? It seems to me to be a transnational intelligence agency that protects the financial interests of a few via neverending wars, and controls politicians and media throughout America and Europe.

Everyone should research the declassified documents of “operation Northwoods”— when the CIA was going to stage a fake terrorist attack against the American people and blame it on Cuba so they could go to war.

This is utterly psychopathic but a true, historical fact.

Fortunately, then-President JFK stood up the to CIA and refused to sign off on the fake terrorist attack.

JFK was then mysteriously assassinated by a veteran named Lee Harvey Oswald, who claimed he did not kill JFK, but before Lee could stand trial, he was shot and killed at Dallas police headquarters by a man named Jack Rubenstein.

The CIA also established another operation at this time, known as, “Operation Mockingbird” to implant propagandist journalists throughout the American media. In the 70’s it was exposed that some journalists were paid up to $500,000 for their services.

The more you know.



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