Thinkingman21 #sexist

[OP of "A truly black pill history always shows and repeats"]

No morality was ever invented or upheld by the female. No intelligence agency, no military, no police organisation, no religion, no political party or education institution, nothing -none were invented and upheld by the female so they function. This is because enforcement and defence of the morality is required for propogation, and men can just override that.

If any morality was invented by female to tame the potential identities of the world, men could come in, overtake it in one day with strength, and then ironically run it to provide for society and to attract females. Plus women don't invent things like rules or ideas that benefit others period, because they seek benefit themselves through Briffaults law.

Consider the most relevant example. When the Germans defeated France in six weeks in June 1940; women fled towards the Germans whilst the husband's died at the front or were stuck in a camp. Some Germans raped women, but most women colluded. Now for the Black pill;

At no part of the German occupation did the female demand the upholding of French traditions, rule of law, culture, schooling systems, freedoms, or any of past French moralities they grew up with -nothing. A new system of morality was offered by the PRESENCE of men, and extracting benefit from it to survive was the only female thought across France....

This occured because the female does not identify with abstract ideas like morality, where as men will fight to the death to defend the wives that abandon him for a taller, more handsome German, who is a SS supremisist, especially if he is confident.

She will never abide by a morality to her end, only twist what she is allowed to do to extract benefit -like a psychological form of historical double think the academic community outright refuses to study, because it's behaviour is too in line with that of a child.



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