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It is natural human proclivity to run and hide from critical thinking, in what has become a society consumed by spurious headlines, ignorance of fact, and extreme propaganda, but fear not the truth. Understanding the culture war that seems to be perpetually ongoing, is not as daunting as it may appear. <...> It is imperative to expose the constant lies fed to the collective herd, and to isolate them so as to discover the legitimate truth, so that the State’s false narratives can be abandoned once and for all. Once this awakening occurs, if in fact that is even possible today, and a psychological escape from the insanity of this supposed ‘civilization’ materializes, one’s mind will be free of fear, anxiety, confusion, and hate. It is a wonderful state of being in which to dwell.

We are in a culture war, and the antagonist in this nefarious plot, and evil enemy of all sane thinkers, is the State, its controlling ruling class, and all those who would support, recognize, and enforce, its mandates and illegitimate laws. This includes those who would expect all others to live and act as they do, to blindly accept what they accept, and to bow to authority instead of depending on self.
Transgenderism and homosexuality are not normal. Rioting is not normal. Censorship cannot be normal in any free society. Mutilation, perversion, and degeneracy are not normal. Killing babies and exploiting children are not normal. Theft, looting, and property destruction are not normal. Mass homelessness is not normal. Abandoning and destroying family is not normal. It is impossible to blend all these things with all the good in life, and expect to retain any semblance of normalcy. Competing cultures of this magnitude have to completely separate in order to survive. In any case where unlimited ‘tolerance ‘and ‘diversity’ are demanded, and right and wrong have no meaning, no moral or compassionate ‘civilization’ can exist.



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