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[OP of "Remembering Argentina's Dirty War, 1976-1983"]

First of all, the term "Dirty War" is totally wrong. It was a clean-up effort. In 1975, Marxist bombs were exploding in public in Argentina at a rate of 1 every 5 hours, so something had to be done[…]Only half of the Marxist thugs in Argentina were killed. In other words, the military junta played nice. Don't expect the same type of nice treatment from Marxists when they steal power somewhere in the West[…]
One important feature of the "Dirty War" was what the military did with the universities. The military closed the universities and they either remained closed, or, they re-opened with military men and policemen serving as teachers to prevent the further spread of Marxism[…]Even though it was legal (more or less), no good deed goes unpunished and that one didn't[1]

That university thing has potential, important implications for America today: it is known that all bad political ideas begin in the universities -- they usually come from Humanities professors with names like "Goldberg" and "Feldstein"

Question: when is a state politician in America, in a red state like Florida, going to create something like a "College Curriculum Reform Act" in which any university that receives tax dollars cannot teach or allow to be taught Cultural Marxism, CRT or similar divisive, dangerous, undemocratic ideas?[…]

[1]You can probably guess what happened to the brave military men who saved Argentina. Right! They were severely punished. General Jorge Videla was charged with the handy, catch-all crime of committing “human rights violations” and he died in prison in 2013[…]Only rightists are charged with "human rights violations." Never leftists. Wonder why?



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