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A 🧵 about language.

1. How many times does someone says “including others doesn’t hurt you”? We hear it all day long.

They are wrong. They know it. They don’t want you to know it.

2. Let’s start here. When women are a subset of women they cannot lay claim to anything that was separately a woman’s. In one linguistic sleight of hand, women have lost their individuality that determines who has control of something. Be it sports or prison or their name.

spoilertrans women are women and
are as entitled to women's
spaces as cis women are.

3. Now the woman is just a grumpy member of the group trying to keep something away from other WOMEN.

EVERY reason why we have separate spaces women is instantly wiped out with this trick. We are stunned.

We try to explain. We are sure it’s a misunderstanding.

4. We try to justify why we have separate spaces. We explain desperately about things we all knew five minutes ago.

We are sure they just don’t get it. As we explain power differential we

5 are called shrill or mean. Or worse they get endless accusations of NAMALT (not all men are like that).

And why are we doing this? To justify our right to get our OWN stuff. We beg for our own stuff back. We try to explain why we should have our own stuff.

6. And all because with one linguistic move, women have ceased to be an entity entitled to their OWN things. It’s the ultimate takeover.

Property belongs to the owner. If you get the clerk to add a name to the title of your home, you no longer own it.

7. This is actually a thing thieves do. They change the title on your home. (Check periodically). It’s sinister because it is effective.

That’s what TWAW does. It changes the name on the title.

8. And since the phrase is trans women are women and women are cis women, the TW now gains the prominent and controlling place on the title. The women are just cis women. A subset. A minor player. With no rights at all. Full control has been turned over.

9. But the game is not complete. For women are powerful and can speak up. Who would let them take their stuff without complaint?

So now we get to the second genius move. The way to shut women up. We are told we are hateful if we object to having our own stuff taken.




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