Maudeth #psycho

My son, at the age of 16, decided to steal strawberry frosted poptarts from the local convenience store near the high school. I received a call from the local police officer, and he tells me they have him on camera, clearly stealing. Open and shut.

I asked what the options were. He stated that he could arrest him, process him through the system, or pick him up and take him to the station where I can pick him up after they have a conversation.

I chose the latter.

My son got picked up, and I met him at the station. The police officer read him his rights, and started talking with him, asking the whys and what not. After a few minutes, the officer got me out of the lobby and said:

We are going to let you talk to your son. Don't hit him.

Me: Okay.

Officer: Don't hit your kid.

Me: Okay.


He opens the door and I rush the table he was seated at and slammed my fists onto the desk top, yelling at him. Officer almost came in after me.

I tore into him verbally, explaining that they have cameras that could read serial numbers off the dollar bills and he is going to steal? Yeah, no.

We go to the bank, withdraw 10$ and go back to the store. He apologizes to the store owner, gives the money to pay for the item, and I make him refuse the change.

He sighs in relief as we get back into the car. I ask if he thought his punishment was enough. He thought it was. I disagreed.

We drove to the store, and I bought 2 cases of family pack strawberry frosted poptarts. We get back to the house and for the next 15 days, for breakfast and dinner, he has to eat one package with a glass of water. Uncooked. (He still got to eat school lunches.)

Parents dont discipline their children enough anymore.



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