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The religious recognize that 1) evil is real, 2) it doesn't sleep, 3) it hates humanity and wants humanity degraded, controlled and dead.

One thing is certain one day everyone is going to learn that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. No escape from that eventual reality.

In this life for a Christian it’s the worst it’ll ever be, for the non Christian it’s the best it’ll ever be. Let that sink in.

the atheists worship their intellect. watch how angry they get when their intellect gets belittled. like how they went bonkers when Trump got elected. it's personal

Believing there is no God requires more faith than believing there is.

There is no such thing as an "absence of belief" because without belief in "something else," as you put it, you would simply cease to exist. Humans are by dint of what we might call sentience (an awareness of our own existence and the interactions that we, as individuals, have with the outer world, by whatever physical or metaphysical definitions you "believe" in) creatures that depend on belief.

You might not believe in things that you cannot rationalize, observe, or measure, preferring to reject religious approaches to understanding things that science does not currently or cannot explain, but to rely purely upon the rational, observable, and measurable is no less a belief in something than a religious person believes in a spiritual component to existence.

Too many atheists take the simplistic inference that a rejection of the supernatural, divine, or religion absolves them of notions such as belief or faith, but the human experience is dependent upon both belief and faith, as without them we cannot have any meaningful interactions with the outside world or relationships with other beings within that world.



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