saudade #sexist

Since women have every single advantage and opportunity over 99% of men in 2020 it is pointless for men to keep funding their existence through taxes. If women do not want to opt for having children and would rather be cumdumpsters who see more value in rearranging binders then they should be taxed double and all the money should go towards the incels.

Furthermore no-fault divorces should be abolished because it is a feminist creation to assure women continuation of leeching while raising children improperly and without a care. Therefore women (absolute majority) which were in fault for their marriage failure should be obliged to pay alimony to fathers and children that he raises (single fathers raise children into well adjusted, ethical and healthy adults while single mothers raise kids to be prostitutes, homosexuals, criminals, manchildren and overall failures).

it's comical how little women contribute vs. how much they consume, they are a drain on the tax base and I doubt you could fix it through more taxation, because it seems their salaries are already paid for by taxing men's labor, meaning you're not generating value by taxing those women harder, just shuffling money around and creating more opportunities for bureaucratic corruption to steal parts of it, it being what was originally men's labor.

the solution would be for them to actually be wives instead of getting bullshit jobs that don't generate real value.



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