Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
The real extremists are those supporting puberty blockers and cutting off the genitals of children.

We must pass my Protect Children’s Innocence Act and just let kids be kids.

( @funbobby51 )


( @The_Nose )
@repmtg The real extremists are the jewish supremacists mutilating baby dicks and then sucking them.


( @ReneeRose )
@repmtg The first step to make kids believe they're not the sex they were born with takes flat-out child abuse. If a teacher tries to tell children that they may not be the sex they were born with, that teacher needs jail time. This ALL starts with child abuse. I don't think how much people realize how screwed up Jazz Jennings (TLC trans w/her own show) truly is. A perfect example of parents allowing this to happen before the age of 18.

( @titus310always )
@ReneeRose @repmtg A jew who was Harvard educated. Jazz is a gender dysphoric who wants you to believe this is the new normal.

( @Rikhan531 )
@titus310always @ReneeRose @repmtg If a person is so confused about reality that what is or isn't between their legs, or that it can be changed they need an Asylum with a rubber room.

( @Dexter_S_Huntsman )
@repmtg unless you cowards name the jew and stop the routine mutilation of boy s dicks at birth you will never be able to stop the jew from going ever further with it's perversions.

( @MasonCutlip )

( @Kidbrightwillow )

This claim is 100% factual.

Neither surgery not drugs can change the chromosomes you had at birth.

Surgically removing genitals or administering drugs to block naturally occurring hormones is child mutilation & the medical professional is making big bucks off these repugnant procedures.



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