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“Our democracy” is at stake.

Schmooze it, milk it, stick a hooked nose into it.
Vell, with the hacks “ushered the hell out” one more freedom is not under assault.

It’s a “temple of democracy.”

Truer words were never spoken.

The ‘sacred shrine’ on Capitol Hill is nothing less than the Synagogue of Satan where ‘democracy” is spilled to the highest bidder, Jews.
Traitors from the right are worse than enemies from the left.

And besides, Jews control both sides of the political aisle.

What kind of flavor of ‘democracy’ do you want?

“Leftist” whipped cream with sprinkles on top?

Vell…here’s the JDCA, the “Jewish Democratic Council of America!”

“Rightist” whipped cream with Netanyahoo on top?

Here’s the RJC, the “Republican Jewish Coalition!”

Take the gilt off the gingerbread.

Quite frankly, I like Franco.

A righteous dictatorship routs and rids a country of Yids.

But reality is a bitch.
The media, the schools, the courts, the movies, State, Treasury, banks, Jewgle, JewTube, Capitol Hill…

…along with every single Federal, State, and city institution, ALL infested and riddled with Jews.
Secession is the only way.

Think locally, act locally, our national entity is ruined.

The Jews push homosexuality, gay marriage, gun confiscation, vaccines, mail-in ballots, abortion, mutilation of children’s sex organs, pornography, censorship, rigged elections, ALL at national and state levels.

When the government kills its own people, or the people kill those who govern… it’s a bad day.

To secede is the only way.

The only non-violent expression left.

Politics is over.

We are living in a post-political world.
A “well-armed militia,” which our founders intended, can provide seceding regions with its own protection, its own police, its own borders and defense.

We can ‘hang the hacks from the rafters by their toes’ or begin our divorce from DC.

Both are great ideas.

Choosing a new president is not a good one.



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