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White parents, why are you producing so many young white male terrorists? What is going on in your households? How involved are you with your sons? Are you missing signs their racism is filtering out of commonplace household racism into "I want to murder strangers" racism?

Mom of two white boys here. Getting them to see on a daily basis how entitled they are -- all the breaks they get, that other kids don't, because of how they look or where they are from -- is a struggle. I honestly feel some days like it's a genetic defect.

They aren't angry, thank god. But they do sometimes come home and have the audacity to start out with 'Its not fair...X, Y, Z.' it makes my blood boil. They seem predisposed to believing it's some grand conspiracy to keep them down when in reality, the opposite is true.

My college roommate when on to get her PhD and did her dissertation on how the fragile white male ego is responsible for all the world's ills, and with each passing day I think she's more and more a genius



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