bunch of racist anons #racist desuarchive.org

Anonymous: Why are half the background characters black?
I don't recall this being the case in the first movie. (image attached is a poster of the movie incredibles 2)

Anonymous: Half the US is black.

Anonymous: They are literally a smaller portion of the population than Hispanics yet get 10 times the representation.

Anonymous: Cause spics contribute barely anything in the history of this country and you know that, stop pretending you want their representation as well white boi.

Anonymous: What the hell have blacks contributed to the US apart from violent crime statistics?

Anonymous: Music

Anonymous: >Jazz
Invented by white man Willie Ruff, perfected by white woman Carole King

Invented by Elvis Presley, a white man

Invented by Michael Jackson, a white man

Black people don't have souls

>Hip Hop
Invented by Eminem, a white guy

Perfected by Eiffel 65, a white band

Perfected by Vanilla Ice, a very white man
It's whites all the way down



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