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The world is now unsustainable. Not enough food, not enough water, not enough oil & gas, not enough housing, not enough enough… Immigrants are supposed to fill the void of excess deaths in developed countries as we transition to AI. Once achieved, the migrants won’t be needed any longer. So what happens?

The US unemployment rate is low because workers died. In California, the vast majority were Hispanic. In NY the vast majority were elderly. Now across the US and UK the vast majority of deaths are among the working age group 18-45.
We are now being warned of five separate threats that could annihilate earth:

1. A new, deadly pandemic created in NIH labs across Africa that will have a death rate of 40%
2. Earth will be hit by solar winds wiping out satellites and the global electric grids causing widespread famine, disease, crime and death.
3. The aliens are here and ready to make themselves visible for the general public.
4. AI will turn on humans and destroy them
5. CERN will create a black hole that swallows earth.

So what do our esteemed governments suggest we do to mitigate against these catastrophes? Eat fake meat, drive electric cars, and be 100% carbon free. Not too sure but I doubt CERN, the aliens, the biolabs and AI give a rats dang about these ‘nonsolution solutions’.

The fact is – solar winds have been a phenomena forever, aliens have been buzzing us for decades, and the pandemics are all man made viruses to boost Big Pharma Profit margins. So what are our Leaders actually doing to mitigate catastrophes? NOTHING.
What is possible/probable – is this singular reverse polarization event recreates weather – altering animal, plant and humanity. And no amount of Bill Gates weather seeding can alter the earth’s core! He just has the world’s largest ego and a death wish. So stop using those aerosol sprays and stop cows from farting and stop driving cars – because the reality of weather is built into the universe NOT PEOPLE.



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