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Over the past 50 years, Boston (like hundreds of other cities) has endured an increasingly massive and perverse “Gay Pride Parade” - ending with a “Gay Pride Festival” at Boston City Hall Plaza. It’s frightened summer tourists, scared away families, and destroyed the aura of a once beautiful city.

[Later they show pics where no one is scared or frightened]

For a dozen years, MassResistance documented the depraved event, sharing photos and videos – and exposing the participating corporations, schools, and politicians.

But this year there was no parade, no festival, and no plans for any in the future. The Board of Directors of the Boston Pride Committee, which planned, funded, and organized it, voted to permanently disband the whole organization. The streets of downtown Boston are (relatively) safe and sane again!

Every "Gay Pride" event seems to have an emphasis on "youth" and children ...

[And off course show everyone having fun and safe, in spite of the weird costumes. Likewise what do you mean by "emphasis"? That gay chipdren march as well? You are scared of them celebrating their identities?]

At one Festival following the parade this troubled young man entertained the crowd. The man at left in the green "I-heart-sperm" shirt has probably seen it all before, we'd bet.

[Is Steven Crowder or Rudy Guillaume troubled when they do lewd or lavisicious acts?]



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