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{Note: Clipped from a VERY LONG post from this guy)
WINNIPEG'S HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER IS COMMITTING MASS MURDER - Contact Police from every town to lend a helping hand to Winnipeg.

Across Canada and the U.S., specially selected 'officers', are complicit with the Hospitals, in 'secretly' running a mass murder program titled, "Comfort Care" - Deprived all medicine, while suffocated to die. Mass murdering the poor, while forbidding all police agencies from investigating the PROVEN allegations. Documented fully. What is wrong with our minds, as so far incapable of concluding a fact?, if our lives are at stake, held in jeopardy by the lying in stolen faith newspapers? Newspapers, who also insist, we take our vaccinations without reading the ingredient list.

A program of mass murder, hidden by the nice words of, "Comfort Care", right across all fifty states? These are the same type of people, who have been caught, injecting newborns with horrific neural toxins..

My mother was murdered right in front of me, as thousands of others are in hell hole Winnipeg.. The Satanically ruled as tyrannical police department with the Mayor and newspaper, refuse to allow any investigations - if the murders are against the poor, and happen at the Health Sciences Center, 4th floor. This war crime in Winnipeg has been running for at least seven years.. and they so far escape, because you can't find the humanity within, to legitimately care for our innocent lives forsaken.. more and more of our poor will be first degree murdered this way until we fairly do something about it. Get the archive of evidence, off a link at my home page.. Please.. how can I beg you to find a
concern for civilization? This un-elected program of mass murder is widespread across America too don't you know? They deprive the patient the medicines they need, while instead poisoning the victim to stop them from breathing.. Please, be human.. please. Warn others.. save innocent lives..

"Making allegations of murder you can't prove"
Nonsense.. The recording of the Chief Medical Examiner is all you need listen to. It's like 4 megabytes.. and may give you two minutes of trouble to locate.. Or god, just simply read the post.. There is no fraudulent allegations your supposing in bling faith.. while I have the recordings of the doctor stating no poisons would be given, while as recorded, he ordered the nurse secretly to do so..
Only possible in a conspiracy, as she could not have performed the murderous act with me in the room..

The White Missionary #fundie groups.google.com

YOU, Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com, your time is always ready! But let us imagine a happier place for you...

#2452 Struck By Lightening
Bible Truth Publishers

[The name of the subject in the following message has been changed from the original that we might imagine a better outlook for the Usenet user posting as "burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com"]

It was Sunday afternoon, and the good news of salvation had just been presented to young people in the gospel hall. Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com hurried out with the preacher's words still ringing in his ears: "He, that being often reproved [stiffens] his neck, shall sud-denly be destroyed, and that without remedy" (Proverbs 29:1).

Many times in his life, Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com had definitely been "reproved" by the Spirit of God--"convinced" of his sinful nature, of his complete lack of righ-teousness, and of the judgment that would result if he continued in his present direction. Parents who honored and respected God and read the Word of God every day had brought him up. He knew that his parents prayed earnestly every day for his salvation.

Satan, the enemy of our souls, was quick to re-mind Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com, "If you admit you are a sinner and be-lieve in Jesus as your Saviour, think of all the good times you will have to give up. You are young... wait until you are older!"

And Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com did wait. Deliberately smothering the still, small voice of his conscience, he headed down to the lakeshore. There the usual Sunday af-ternoon visitors strolled around or sat on the grass. Some were reading newspapers and books, and others chatted with friends. Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com avoided looking for any friends this time. Instead, he sat by himself looking out over the lake.

He noticed the white caps riding on wind-whipped waves. As he sat, black clouds rolled up from the horizon, covering the afternoon sun and rapidly hiding the clear blue of the sky. A storm was quickly approaching. Zipping up his jacket against the rising wind, Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com quickly got up and hurried along the walkway.

Farther on was a big oak tree that he could stand under for some protection from the imminent storm. As he headed to the leafy shelter, Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com saw two men hurrying toward the same tree, evidently also looking for shelter.

Jagged flashes of lightning and the clap of thun-der made Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com break into a run. As he ran, he re-alized that sitting and watching the approaching storm instead of heading home had been unwise.

Suddenly, with an instantaneous lightning flash and an ear-splitting crash of thunder, the storm broke. Half blinded by the sudden downpour, Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com ran for the tree where he had seen the two men take shelter. Were they still there? Would there be room for him under the tree? Straining to see through the blinding rain, Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com could not see them until he was almost upon them.

What he saw was chilling! Flat on the ground at the foot of the tree lay the body of one man, killed instantly by the bolt of lightning. Kneeling at his side and sobbing was the other man.

The last part of the Bible verse the preacher had read earlier that day flashed across Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com's mind: "Shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy." Suddenly the full importance of his own narrow escape burst into his mind. Supposing he had reached the tree and stood in its shelter, in-stead of this man now lying lifeless on the ground! In all honesty, he had to admit that if he were in this man's place--suddenly swept into eternity-- his soul would have been lost, because he was still in his sins. Broken down but grateful, Burn_your_bible@imagine_NO-religion.com thanked the Saviour for sparing him so that he could accept the salvation that is made possible by Christ's payment on the cross.

As you finish reading this true account, we re-mind you that your life has no guarantee. The next heartbeat may be your last. Are you ready to meet a holy God?

He gave His dear Son to die in your place. Christ died that you might live. Will you accept this gift of salvation that He is offering to you right now?

"Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2).

"The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23).

"It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: so Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation" (Hebrews 9:27-28).

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"Hitler's close boyhood friend from Linz, August Kubizek, wrote Adolf Hitler, Mein Jugendfreund (My Youth Friend), 'Adolf did not engage in love affairs
or flirtations. He always rejected the coquettish advances of girls or women.
Women and girls took an interest in him but he always evaded their endeavours'.
During deconstruction, it is customary that the person is sexually abused
in the manner which is most embarrassing to that person. In Hitler's case, he
was sodomised, creating a submissive distant respect for homosexuals like his
bodyguards and some of his highest-placed leaders. His natural bent was developed
into coprophilia (being shat on)...With each deconstruction an embarrassing
addiction is developed and filmed. With Hitler it was sadomasochism, coprophilia
and homosexuality. That is, he liked to be verbally abused and slapped around,
to have his head urinated on, his chest shat on, and to have sex with men".

PHEW! Really, no fucking wonder that sub-lice nazoid pervs adore this
shiteating, pissdrinking, cocksucking freak, huh?

Brandon McCombs #fundie groups.google.com

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001 15:53:46 -0500
"n7...@swbell.net" <n7...@swbell.net> wrote:
> I have been following this thread with a mixture of amusement and exasperation - amusement that intelligent people like Linus, who ought to know better, are spouting this evolution stuff, and exasperation that some people think that because someone's an expert in one thing, they are an expert in all things.

No offense toward anyone but I find that many non-religious people can be found in the CompSci area of expertise. I'm not sure why this is but besides myself and another friend all the other people I know in that general field are atheists. It would only make sense that we would hear atheist type remarks within these discussions just as we would hear Christian remarks in another field of expertise that seems to attract Christians.

> The idea of genetic evolution itself is complete nonsense - biological systems don't evolve genetically, they evolve environmentally. Biological systems change as a result of random mutation, and what doesn't work doesn't survive. What people try to pass off as evolution is simply the less fit not surviving to pass on their bad genes. Sort of like the hundred monkeys idea.

True. Many mutations in human DNA cause the resulting human to be unable to reproduce once they reach the age where a normal human could do so.

> But that is all completely irrelevent to coding, since it is extremely inefficient for systems to "evolve" based on trial and error. The way modern systems evolve is based on (hopefully) *intelligent* selection - I write a patch, submit it to Linus. He doesn't accept it, throw it in the kernel, and that's it - he looks at it, what it does, and decides if it fits in the Grand Scheme of things - kernel efficiency, speed, flexibility, extensability, and maintainability - and *then* decides if it makes it in. They key difference is that in nature, mutation is random because it can afford to be - in coding, it isn't because we don't have thousands or millions of years to find out whether or not something works or not.

We have a way of being able to direct the evolution of our code as we can control the bad parts and teh good parts and what gets added and what doesn't. We have no control over our DNA (human genetics may have proven me wrong already but if not, it shouldn't take more than a few months more) so mutations in the human race are more random.

> That being said, I am well aware that "genetic programming" has made some progress in that direction, mainly because it doesn't take millenia to figure out what works and what doesn't. But that's a long way from "evolving" an entire operating system. I don't believe for a moment that homo sapiens "evolved" from pond scum although I might believe that some fellow homo sapiens *are* pond scum!) -

*finally* someone who doesn't believe in evolution of the human race. As a side note, i've heard some people say that a bolt of lightning triggered some proteins to start growing into single celled organisms and then into what we now call today human beings. I take offense that I came from a single celled organism. I believe the more complex an object or system is the less randomness can be added in order to arrive at the current/final version. I think we all agree the human body is the most complex object in the universe so how can we say that our existence was an accident?

An operating system is a complex system as well. We all know code doesn't evolve on its own to generate an operating system right? :) It has to be created and as time goes on code forks are sometimes introduced. In humans that could be somewhat akin to whites, blacks, asians, etc. But they were all created from the code that God started with. He just released his source code(dna) a little later in the development tree than some people may have wanted so there was no point in letting us evolve into something more as we were already different enough. :)

>it only makes sense that we are a created species, and that Homo Erectus ans all the rest were early genetic > experiments. Who created homo sapiens is beyond the scope of this discussion ;)

It is beyond the scope. If we attempted that topic we would be branded as close-minded even though the others (read: non-religious) can do it and they defend themselves by saying its free speech.

my time is out for this post.

Roger Pearse #fundie groups.google.com

Smile. I love it when atheists start trying to lie. It doesn't work, incidentally. I have only a slight idea of which particular misrepresentation you're trying to pull, but it hardly matters. Christians don't get to pass hate-laws, and never have had the chance to do so, since they don't possess political power. The very terminology belongs to the politically correct left.

omprem #fundie groups.google.com

Prohibition didn't work. Drunkenness is always with us. Why? Because people such as atheists wallow in sensory enjoyments and are heedless of the harm they do to themselves.

Define injustice? It is just for atheists to be corralled in special workhouse to protect them from themselves, from their unbridled emotion and also so that the rest of the public is safer and not bothered by the noisy begging of atheists.

Superstition? Yes, atheistic belief in empiricism, scientific method, the primacy of the senses, and their own self-importance has gotten so out of control that it constitutes a superstition if not a religion. If a religion, then it should be allowed to continue in the open much like the snake handling religions of of Ozarks. But if a superstition, then yes eliminate it. But then that is what the work house and the sterilization program is for.

omprem #fundie groups.google.com

Religion is not a belief and it is not based on belief. Religion is an experience of the divine in oneself, the universe and in God.

Atheism, on the other hand, is a belief system, and every one of its beliefs is either based on logical fallacies or is unproven because there is no objective reality to support it. Athesit 'beliefs' are merely the collection of their preferences, biases, idle wishes and fears.

In saying that religion is a belief you are stating something that you have not proven. This the logical fallacy known as circulus in demonstrando.

In addition, considering how many times atheist make this erroneous claim they are also guilty to committing another logical fallacy, argumentum ad nauseam.

Plus any atheist who attempts to use this fallacious statement because other atheist morons have also used it, is also guilty of a third logical fallacy, argumentum ad numerum.

So, line up you atheists and fess up to how many of these logical fallacies you are guilty of whenever you say that religion is a belief.

Henry Makow #conspiracy groups.google.com

This stealth war on heterosexuals (disguised as woman's and gay rights) is
designed to destabilize society in advance of the New World Order. The
destruction of the nuclear family has long been the Illuminati Communist
goal. They wish to make arrested development (homosexuality) the new norm.
Lesbianism is the hidden agenda of feminism. Marriage and family are
essential to our natural development. But, despite the deceitful propaganda,
most male homosexuals don't want marriage or children. They want sex.

All-seeing-I #fundie groups.google.com

OK my pets,

I was looking at some pic's of Dinos today and something seemed odd.
Compared to their body size Dino's have rather small nostrils. Hardly
large enough to transport the oxygen necessary for an 80 foot long
body weighing many tons.

So this leads one to believe that they either took one step and rested
for 12 hours or, they needed to breathe less; Because your beloved
evolution would have evolved the necessary nose size for the creature
to survive. Right? RIGHT?

Therefore the oxygen levels in the atmosphere must have been higher
before the flood which in turn provided the necessary levels of oxygen
requiring less breathing.

So. How did we lose the oxygen levels? The vapor canopy fell, the
"fountains of the deep" broke up at the continental fault lines when
then released enough water from above and below to flood the earth.

The result altered the atmosphere and left much more of the earth
covered in water.

Noah's flood changed everything.

How about THAT

This has been another nose knows lesson for you from:

The All Seeing I

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[Thread starter: Childbirth Proves Genesis]

"Genesis 3

16 To the woman he said, "I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing;
in pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your
husband, and he shall rule over you."

We see no evidence of animals having the same type of pain that human women
have during child birth. Therefore Genesis is accurate.

About everything."

Mohammad Nur Syamsu (aka Nando) #fundie groups.google.com

[A thread starter, "BBC Hates Nature".]

"I saw 7 minutes of a BBC documentary. They managed to portray a piece
of grassy meadow in terms of a bloodcurling struggle for survival.
This is not science anymore just Nazism. This bloodthirsty vision of
nature is not accurate, meadows are not really like this, it is just
the Nazi view of things. Pure evil. Its crystal clear the Darwinists
caused the holocaust by teaching the Hitler youth natural selection."

williebill #racist groups.google.com

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Bobby G. Limeta #conspiracy groups.google.com

As I always humbly reiterated, no other entities in this world is so powerful than the JESUITS. No matter, what are proven and discovered crimes and conspiracies world wide, no
entities can parallel the diabolic works of the Jesuits. From Religion, Education, Science, Business & Industries, Banking Systems, Politics, Police, Military, Intelligence and up to Satanism - the Jesuits are the leaders and masters.

old man joe #fundie groups.google.com

another fancy idea dressed up and taught as though it were true is
the rhetorical nonsense called Black Holes in space. along with all
the other nonsensical rhetorical jibberish such as the Big Bang theory
and Evolution, the so called Black Holes in space are nothing more
than artist rendering's of nothing tangible... yet another cartoon.

it's more of a cartoon show than the depiction of anything real.

Black Holes simply do not exist. they are real only in the minds of
Evolutionists, Gnostic's, Agnostic's, God haters and the like, much as
aliens and life on other planets exist only in the minds of such
self-deluded types.

the best proof is no proof for these folks. not able to discern
good from evil, these by their nature of being, prefer fiction to
fact, lies to truth, darkness to light.

it's amazing that their ' science ' is built on cartoons gladly
accepted as true while they, at the same time, make confident
statement's about the impossibility of the existence of God. they
find it a truth that being's from other galaxies could exist but God
can't exist... they have the rhetorical proof of the one and call it
true, and the actual proof of the other and call it false.


yet, this total inability to discern right from wrong evidences a
truth in itself... there is no salvation in them... they've been
passed by and left to themselves since not all shall be saved.
( Joh. 3:16-20 )

charmed by the things of this world, they are left to feed from the
trough of self-delusion believing nothing real ( Eph. 2:1-3. ) thing's
such as Evolution, the Big Bang and Black Holes in space.

tobetbaa #conspiracy groups.google.com

Lunatics are beginning to blame Hillary Clinton for the death of Tim Russert. It's a red flag when lunatics begin to blame suspicious death on the "Clintonistas" because it means the fix is in. The death of George Carlin, who was also a target of self-righteous lunatics, should have raised its own flag, but we like to accept what we are told.

The publicized cause of George Carlin's death -heart failure is a generic term -it describes the "cause" of every death -even if the fragile old man was smothered to death with a pillow, it would be called "heart failure". "Oh nurse, Dr. Death is checking Carlin's pulse."

Carlin's death is suspicious because he was under assault by the the likes of right wing fanatics like O'reilly, who violently blasted Carlin for suggesting that the United States is responsible for 9/11. (in fact, Carlin merely said 'you reap what you sow') God Help Carlin if he dared to expres his own opinion.
After Carlin died, self absorbed O'Reilly dug up an old clip from an interview in 2001 showing him confronting Carlin about using "the F word" because good folks that Oreilly thinks he represents are supposed to be above this vulgarity.

Is this anti-Carlin hostility responsible for "heart failure"? -just in time to deny him the spotlight as the recipient of the Mark Twain award. Carlin will be the first Posthumous Award recipient of the Prestigious Kennedy Center Honor, and the hostility of his worthless critics speaks for itself.

duke #fundie groups.google.com

[In a secular society such as we live in today, marriage is a civil ceremony.]

Sorry, God still is in control in your "secular" society.

[In many European countries as well as Mexico and some South American countries, the marriage is complete and valid upon the completion of the registration with the clerk or registrar, no religious service is involved.]

Then they are not married, as marriage always has been defined as a union between one man and one woman IN THE SIGHT OF GOD.

duke #fundie groups.google.com

Surprise: God defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman. It's in Script.

[Examples of polygamy in the bible]

Wow, not so much as one quote from the Christian NT.

The Jews disobeyed God. It's the same for you and me and them - listen to God or say hello to satan.


Yep, satan does his best to convince you that you don't need to listen to God.

That's how he gets his fresh meat - finding suckers.

Christ's Love #fundie groups.google.com

In many homosexual rallies there will be at least one sign that reads- WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY _____________. The blank is supposed to represent Jesus' silence on the subject. The problem is that Jesus is not silent on the subject of homosexuals, homosexuality or 'gay marriage'. Jesus said of marriage and unions, "'Haven't you read,' He replied, 'that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female' and said, 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two will become one flesh'" (Matthew 19:4-5) Jesus isn't exactly silent on the matter of unions (male/female) and He isn't silent on who can be married (male/female) and Jesus isn't silent about who can have sex and with whom (only in marriage male/female and only as husband and wife). An argument from silence when there is a preponderance of evidence in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin is not a legitimate argument. We all know Jesus, God the Son, is anti sin and since homosexuality is a sin then Jesus is not a proponent of a homosexual lifestyle. Jesus also never said any thing about pedophilia or racial prejudice. Do we accept, tolerate or condone those activities in ourselves or in others because of His perceived silence about them? NO. We understand the nature of God and know that God in the flesh would not violate that nature by condoning any sin.

Greg Carr #fundie groups.google.com

No believer in Yu’shua or who claims to follow the Bible can be a homosexual or a supporter of them. The Cdn govt should change the laws of this country so that homosexuality and incest and rape and bestiality are death penalty crimes and that warlocks and witches are put to death.

LeRoy Blue #fundie groups.google.com

Homosexuals males who self-abuse rarely report their condition to mental health or law enforcement agencies. Self-abuse among homosexuals usually only comes to light when the must rush to a Hospital Emergency Room to have some some sort of foreign object surgically removed from their anus. Since they come to the plate with two strikes against them, one has to ponder what effect this kind of bazar behavior will have on the homosexual males who wed in California.

Patriot Games #fundie groups.google.com

[PG tries to explain why he's not a homophobe]

There's no such thing as 'homophobia.'
I'm not afraid of fags. I just don't like 'em.

[Which is one of the two primary meanings of the word. The more common one, in fact.]

Wrong. Pay attention when I lecture you:

Definition of 'homophobia' (hom?-fobe-?) - The American Heritage®

homophobia (n.) Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men

[Emphasis added]

charley #fundie groups.google.com

[Referring to the California Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage]

I'm not the loser in this, the kids raised by homos are going to be the real losers. Just like children raised in a abusive household at times tend to grow and repeat the same behavior we don't know what children raised in gay environments will be like. No matter how you paint it, homosexuality is deviant, unlawful and despicable. It is not normal and the majority of Americans are only tolerant of this lifestyle because someone in their family is this way. I have two cousins that are gay and my wife's uncle is gay. They're everywhere. The real danger is when we amend the constitution to amend certain behaviors. That is the real danger.The thing that makes me the most angry is that a couple of judges can overturn the vote of the people (and it happens a lot in California). That should scare all of you, no matter which side of the debate you are on.

charley #fundie groups.google.com

Prop 22 here in CA was passed overwhelmingly by voters! The people and the legislature make the laws, judges and courts enforce the laws not legislate from the bench. There was nothing unconstitutional about the proposition and certainly not by the fact that the people, voters approved it and made it LAW! These activist pukes in robes have been twisted by libs to do their bidding! This is how we, law abiding citizens lose our civil liberties and rights because the democrats need to create special privileges for such a small segment of society that it infringes on the rest of society! It seems to me this will only stop when the people take matters into their hands and literally clean house for good and get these dems and activists out! This is how communists gained power in countries..and isn't it a coincidence that dems and commies don't think law abiding citizens should be able to protect themselves from deviants?

charley #fundie groups.google.com

Once you decide there is a Right for Gays to marry based on a "is" (as in the meaning of)in the constitution, there is no moral ground at all for blocking polygamy, child marriage or even bestiality. All moral codes were declared null and void in making this decision, what argument could be made that wouldn't just be swept away as a personal bias. What has happened in CA is that a few reprobate minds have determined that the citizens of the state are not to be permitted to define their own laws.The people of CA, and other states, have been forced to define the obvious to a handful tyrants.
Regardless of where you stand on the issues of homosexuality, the decision of this court (and others) completely flies in the face of our constitution and the basic tenets of self government.So thats my answer and stop with your faggy mindless numbing posts.

ayatollah obama #fundie groups.google.com

[Show me what law the judges made. Post the exact wording of the law that was created when the judges made their decision.

You can't? Color me surprised.]

Geez, if you can't figure out *how* they created law, then there is no
hope for you at all. Of course with you DemonCraps, that's the only
way you can get some of your socialist agenda shoved down the throat
of America. You could *never* get some of your legislation passed so
you have to load the Courts with you faggot loving, NAMBLA members.

The phrase...

"does not constitute a legitimate basis upon which to deny or
withhold legal rights."

.... is legislation from the bench.

The law was M-F, not M-M or F-F. What's next? M-? or F-? or M-M-F-? or
M-f" or F-f? or M-m?

They had no 'legal right' until the Judges said so. That's legislating
from the bench.

Patriot Games #fundie groups.google.com

[Well, if you are a man of sufficient quality to attract a women for marriage and participate in creating and raising offspring, why would you care what two homosexual neighbours are doing?]

Well, if you are a man of sufficient quality to attract a women for
marriage and participate in creating and raising offspring, why would
you care what a man and a 10-year old girl are doing.?

Awais Nazir #fundie groups.google.com

[Young earth Arugment]

a simple human intelligence can produce pottery, they should
have been well a few hundred thousand years ago. But we do not findPottery before ten-thousand years ago.

[and also]

Now, Pyramids as in Egypt/Amerindian can exist for many ten-thousands of years. If humanity has an age of more than ten-thousand years, then it can safely be argued that there should exist similar more societies like gyptian/Amerindian, and thus a multitude of pyramids covering the earth, each showing its history; but we can't find such sustaining structures as pyramids preceding the time about 3-4 thousand years ago ...
if humanity was more than ten-thousand years in age then similar pyramids should have been found but there exist none, thus humanity can't be more than ten-thousand years in age

Read the Bible #fundie groups.google.com

Annie said: "... there had to be a sun before there
were trees"

Right, but the trees in the fossil record older than
40,000 years ago didn't have to have had the same sun
that we have today. The cataclysm, such as a comet
strike, could have knocked the earth out of its
proper orbit around another sun and sent the earth
wandering into interstellar space. The trees which
God miraculously restored to the earth (Genesis
1:11-13) after the cataclysm did have a temporary
light source (Genesis 1:3-5) which could have
supported photosynthesis; even if it didn't, the
trees could have easily survived for one day until a
new sun was created for the restored earth (Genesis

John D. Wentzky #fundie groups.google.com

[What is about Pangaea which threatens you so much?]

Threatens me?

[> I've seen you object to it, but haven't quite figured out why you object
> to it so much. ]

It is only that it can not be proven to have existed.
It is only a hypothetical creation of those who view the earth as a
pre-school puzzle where the pieces look like they fit together.
Why do we not observe fossils of all species on every continent if pangaea
really existed?
Found any kangaroo fossils on continents other than Australia?
etc, etc, etc
Where are the elephant fossils on every continent?
It is the lack of proof that makes the pangea hypothesis so weak.

Pure Christian #fundie groups.google.com

So when reptiles started developing lumps in thier sides (I'm assuming that's how wings started?) They were functional and could be used for gliding? You have jumped a little ahead. Don't evolutionists say it themselves, it took millions of years. That means it has to start out
like a bud, and progress until it looked like penguin wings and finally become proper wings?? But a useless bud would have been discarded! Don't try and confuse me--I'm not that dumb.

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We do not deny these atrocities. The point here is that post-Darwin
Atheism, that is educated 20th century Atheists armed with the
scientific "facts" and ramifications of Darwinism, instantly proceeded
to commit genocide on a scale never seen in calendar history. Not
counting the Holocaust, Atheist regimes in the 20th century murdered
at least 100,000,000 million persons.