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Kid gloves and a skeptics touch? Nevertheless you invite a more vigorous inquiry to dissect and analyze the other so-called “peoples” of Rome’s passing mention, especially the “presumably” germanic oddities, like the Suevi, or the Allemans or the particularly non-germanic sounding, and clearly slavic-derived Cherusci.

Wends and Vandals, and “Ostrogoths” also seem almost transparently slavic, or at the least confederational with considerable slavic elements.

This could be its own blog, since the R1a genepool has been in place in central Europe since 1500 b.c., so lots of this talk about “identity” seems so much after-the-fact politics that historians need to sober up about and finally shed the Nazi brainwash.

Europe is a Slavic continent, either because of superior fertility or because of superior delivery. Europe’s fathers are R1a, since 1500 b.c. The Romans seem a blip on the map genepool-wise. Everyone else appears just an also-ran. Is my math wrong? The Veneti appear to have spread far and wide. Mislabelled? misunderstood? over-attributed? Lots of syllables that miss the point. Europe wasn’t born in 475 A.D.

I’d sure love to hear some input about “Suevi” (slavs) in Iberia with a capital named “Braga” (Prague??) and some good arguments why “Cossacks” didn’t also occur in 100 A.D. or 200 A.D. or 300 A.D.

This might be the egg nog talking, but Merry Christmas, and thanks for this excellent, excellent website.

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You seem to have bought the Vatican nonsense of the Serb & Croat migration from Belarus or wherever.

Serbs are native to the Balkans. Poles, Czechs, Russians, etc… all independently state they came from Serbia.

There is literally ZERO evidence for the 7th century Slav migration theory. Absolutely none. It’s based on a single Vatican forgery from the 16th-17th century, credited to Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, which states something like “…and then I allowed the Slavs to settle there.”

Not only is there no evidence for it, but it is both logistically and logically impossible.

The genetic, archeological, written, anthropological, behavioural and cultural evidence for Serbs being indigenous to Europe is overwhelming.

Why did the Vatican decide to erase the Serb name from external records? As revenge for Despot Branković not recognising the Pope in the 15th century, and thusly having other Orthodox kingdoms pull their recognition as well, having already sent their respective recognitions.

The Albanians are from modern day Azerbaijan. They were brought over to Serbia by the Byzantine General George Maniakis via Arabia and then Sicily in the 11th century, and were allowed to stay to raise livestock for the Serb royalty.

Dalimil’s Chronicles are correct if you study actual history, not the German-Vatican propaganda that you find in schools.

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First of all that assertion is crap. Matter of fact I pointed out to one of your equally upset Croat brethren that Servium was a city in the Balkans many years before any Slavs were registered suggesting a more ancient European presence for the Serbs (and frankly Croats probably too) – perhaps tied to the Jazyges. Second, keep conspiracy theories – whether regarding the “Vatican” or Azeri Albanians or whatever – out of this.

As mentioned in Chronicles language is Serbian for all Slavs. And it, indeed started from Balkans, from Vinča civilization centered around present day Belgrade.

This was a cradle of European civilization from more than 7000 years ago. Language was proto-Slavic or Serbian that was with migration spread through Russian steppes all the way to India where it was known as Sanskrit.

BTW Dalimil Chronicle starts with chapter
1. Babylonian Tower, Serbian (Babilonska Viež, Srbove) – Story about how Serbs have built a tower in Babylon aiming to reach for heaven and were punished by God to be dispersed and for Serbian language that was universal at the time to be changed into many languages including Greek and Roman/Latin.

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An interesting question arises as to why the lands previously occupied by the Suevi (but later Suavi) were subsequently occupied by the “Sclavi”. A curious coincidence. Per Tacitus, Semnones claimed to have been the most ancient of the Suevi. Some 19th century historians identified some of the Suevi with the later Slavs. To explain the tribal name Semnones, they pointed to the Slavic words for the “Earth”:

zem (Slovak) země (Czech) ziemia (Polish) zemlya (Russian etc.)

But it says Semnones not Semones comes the objection. Not to worry. The manuscripts do not agree upon the correct spelling and Semones does indeed appear more than once. To support this view, those historians invoked the Semnonian passage in Tacitus and its preoccupation with the Earth:

No one enters it unless bound with ligatures, thus professing his subordination and power of the Deity there. If he fall down, he is not permitted to rise or be raised, but grovels along upon the ground.

Whether there is enough to suggest that the Semnones viewed themselves as born of “the Earth” is debatable. However, another interesting coincidence comes to light when we take a look at where scholarship locates the Semnones:image

Fast forward eight hundred years and we find the following tribe, or at least the name of a local province that refers to a tribe, in the same area:


The word is clearly Slavic. Did the Slavs merely “repurpose” a local Teutonic name? Possibly but, if so, why not repurpose the names of the Burgundians, Goths and others that at some point occupied what was later Slavic territory? We’ll likely never know the answer but the above is suggestive to say the least.

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Politicizers of the Past

Here is a quote from 1991 (when the fear of Eastern European nationalism filled the pants of most academics who studied the area). Published, we kid you not, by a German (Austrian, but that’s a fake country always on the brink of not being around in a few years) who decided to apply the training he received on deconstructing German nationalism (indeed the concept of the German nation which still exists, barely) to other European nations. An individual well-schooled in criticizing his own people might find no trouble in criticizing other “lesser” (this time as regards their sensitivity/multiculturalism/spirit of tolerance) peoples when called upon to do so. And this proves true here.

He thinks our nationalism could be just like his so now that his people have stopped killing us, he thinks it’s time to start to lecture us. He says:

“existence of Romans, Germans or Slavs in the 5th or 7th centuries became important arguments in an endless series of national struggles…”

There it is – he is saying history should be a tool of current politics, to ensure the Slavs do not cause another holocaust… wait, what!? So, if in fact you come across claims that the Veneti are not Slavs or that something “definitely is not Slavic” or similar stuff, take them with a grain of salt, because the person may just be an ideologic propagandist who tailors his work to fit his preconceived political needs.

Not with a tinge of irony we note that in the 19th century the Slavic-Veneti connection was questioned by German nationalists – now it seems the very existence of Slavs prior to some period is being questioned by German “citizens of the world”. Someone asked whether we thought this individual was a covert German nationalist. We do not think so. Sincere lunacy though is no less problematic.