dsr478 #fundie ummah.com

I don't get how you can consider someone a good person when they engage in riba, drink, believe in democracy, hyper sexualise women, promote STD's, accept suicide, and don't even thank the one who created them or spew lies about the creator. The last one is by far the biggest crime. Shirk shows complete ingratitude to Allah, the one who gave you life purely out of mercy. Allah didn't need to create you, you only exist because of Allah's generosity and mercy. If you have been told of the Haq and don't follow it, you're the worst of creation.

UmmAbdulMalik #fundie ummah.com

This is something which crosses my mind a lot. I'm actually bewildered at how the kuffar have so much zeal and enthusiasm for living, what do they live for, seriously? I mean when I have days of low Imaan and feel stressed, and feel distant from Allah, I almost have a nervous breakdown. This happens when I fall into sins and the like. I feel lost, confused and I begin to hate life altogether. I just hate life sometimes.

It's cause I've been through many trials in my childhood which I'd prefer not to disclose on here very much. Some days I feel so depressed, and annoyed and just, words can't describe. Sometimes I feel like death is better than living . But then when I regain my Imaan alhamdualilah, I feel better .

But I just sometimes ponder , what worth do the kuffar have to live for? Nothing. Literally. When I feel distant from Allah, nothing ever brings me happiness except to Return to Him. Yet when I see the kuffar, I think: when you wake up in the morning, what do you live for? You don't even say a word of praise to God for even allowing you to wake up. How do you even progress through life's trials?

SubhanAllahil atheem! Ajeeb!

Saif-Uddin #fundie ummah.com

I was referring to the Kaafir who wants to elope with a sister,

Teaching him a lesson is assault according to you, I'm not so sure if the Shariah would see it that way,

Sins have punishments associated with them, I'm sure you know this, so we cant make blanket claims to say its assault to teach a Kaafir a lesson,

Yiur speaking from western law, not the Shariah,

According to the Shariah teaching a Kaafir who wants to elope with a sister a lesson, isn't Assault.

Muslimahghuraba #sexist ummah.com

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. As a Muslim woman born and raised in UK I see a lot of Muslims who are falling into the trap of Shaitan and the West.

They are following the Western or Modern or Feminist standards of women's rights and are failing to understand that Islam gives women rights and we don't need feminism. And that feminism is a disease. It teaches you to hate and bash men and makes claims that women and men are the same. We are not the same. We are different to men, mentally, physically and emotionalmy. Yes in the sight of Allah we are equal in terms of righteousness. Remember, different isn't bad. Women do things that men can't do and men do things that women can't do. You compliment one another.

Women are so adamant on proving that they are equal to men that in the process they are losing their femininity. And men are becoming effeminate. Many of our Muslim sister's have sadly fallen into the trap of FEMINISM and are actively recruiting other Muslims to join them. We as a Muslim Ummah need to put an END to this. We need to be vocal and stand up these feminist Muslim women and the Muslim men that support their campaign. What are your thoughts?

ZeeshanParvez #fundie ummah.com

I would like to point out one thing. There are issues where there is no preaching to a kafir. There is no being nice.

That is when the kafir shows disrespect to the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) as has happened recently.

In such a case, the punishment is death. There is no second opinion on the matter among scholars.

Ali #racist ummah.com

Re: Why are many Jews pro-gay marriage?

The reason is that if corruption spreads amongst the gentiles, the curse of God will be upon them and they will be worthy of destruction, something positive for the religious ones among the jews. They hate it amongst themselves though, and while they've always had this mentality, they never spread corruption save that it surfaces the most within themselves first and foremost above everyone else.

Second, when populations are rotten to the core, they are ripe for manipulating and taking control of. You see that is what has happened in the USA, before when it was a more religious society, they had more control over their affairs. After they took advantage of the civil rights movement and left blacks in the dust, you now see the country is dominated by interest, its populace are all economic slaves, and moral corruption is very widespread in their society such that even basic systems like family are completely fallen apart. Who is ultimately benefiting and pocketing all the wealth? Banks. And who owns them? Israel, in the end, the treasure cave where all that money/weaponry is stashed.

AbuMubarak #fundie ummah.com

how can muslims encourage other muslims to turn muslims over to the kuffar? are the kuffar a just people? are they qualified to judge a muslim? do they adjudicate justice in accordance with quran and sunnah?

will they treat our muslim brother justly? according to quran and sunnah?

which one of us, would have turned in the messenger of Allah for breaking laws against the quraysh? was not judas implicated in turning in jesus to the romans? was judas not a "friend" of jesus?

have we not learned from the mistakes of the past? when you see the crusades, you see muslims who treated the kuffar closer than their muslim brother, and what happened to them afterwards?

noobz #fundie ummah.com

(This fundie is being serious, alas)

since gay sex is consensual , as the argument goes ....

then does that mean if someone wants to die and tells some1 to kill him and he does than does that mean it was alright since it was consensual ?

neelu #fundie ummah.com

We condemn homosexuality as a major sin. In fact, the Yasir Qadhi quote on this is wrong and misleading too because he said: "This question should be irrelevant to this discussion because Islam doesn't allow the killing of anyone even if you disagree with them. Our position should be that Islam has a specific moral and ethical code and opinion, but this does not preclude others from the legal and political right to practice as they please."

This is wrong and misleading because:

a) He said Islam doesn't allow killing such people when the shariah punishment is the death penalty (yes I know we can't implement the penalty as vigilantes cos' we aren't under Islamic rule- but to deliberately ignore the Islamic penalty altogether gives the wrong impression, is trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes about the true Islamic view on the matter)

b) He said Islam has a moral and ethical code and opinion and then goes on to say that this doesn't preclude the homos "legal and political right" to practise what they please. Islam is legal and political. Islamic political and legal rules not only forbid this but punish this so he's trying to mislead the ummah in order to please the kufaar. Not only does Islam carry a legal and political set of laws that we are under obligation to restore the implementation of, but Yasir also then tries to imply that the "legal and political rights" under kufr law are reason enough for their laws to be obeyed even though that law is in direct opposition to what Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw) commanded. Whatever happened to that old chestnut the scholars for dollars used to say "we have to obey the law of the land as long as it doesn't contradict Islam"? Now they're advising to still obey the law of the land knowing full well it's opposition to what Allah (swt) ordered.

c) He said we need to "live and let live so neither imposes their lifestyle on the other", but the kufaar ARE imposing their lifestyle on us! They have already imposed their laws, they have already uprooted the Islamic system of governance we had last century, they have already placed our lands such as Iraq and Palestine under occupation of the kufaar and her agents, jailing and torturing those who call for the implementations of Islam... now in the US they are imposing this promotion of acceptance of homosexual rights upon us, to the point that if your home is a B&B, you have no legal right to refuse to let homo couples stay there and if you're a baker, you have no legal right to refuse to bake a wedding cake for their gay marriage. Isn't that IMPOSING the promotion of their beliefs over and above our own?

There's so much more I can say on this, a whole book can be written on just how much that one quote is attempting to "defend" the Muslim view but in fact under the surface is just as responsible for pushing the anti Islam, secular agenda

A_Piece_of_Dirt #fundie ummah.com

Not only are homosexuals sinners, they are some of the most vile, most perverted, most twisted, sick, confused, cowardly and lowly creatures in this world. This is evident when you remember that Allah (swt) wiped them all out in Prophet Lot's time. Allah did not do that to just any kuffar, only to the worst.We have to be very careful and aware of the plans and ambitions of the shaytan and his followers. We have to make sure that our friends, family and brothers and sisters in deen are protected from their ambitions. Especially our young ones are vulnerable to the efforts of the kuffar.

That being said, my heart aches whenever it comes to my mind that the army of the shaytan will most likely succeed in leading especially young, ignorant Muslims away from Islam and filling their hearts and minds with their own disgusting lifestyles and ideologies and ways of thinking and acting. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me, if this is how the world will look like shortly before the end. A bunch of kuffar and a bunch of "moderate" "Muslims" who are barely any different from them, following a corrupted, false religion, superficially resembling Islam, made suitable to the law and order of the shaytan. It wouldn't surprise me if the day the last real Muslim dies, is the day the world ends.

Of course, this is just me rambling...

Abu Kamel #fundie ummah.com

Actually, this is not correct. These two "consenting adults" engaging in sodomy are harming themselves. And the harm is both physical and spiritual. The physical harm is evident in another thread on UF that Abu Mubarak maintained, I would have to search for it.

The spiritual harm is more than just "religious", it alters the self, one desires filth and impurity and resents and despises purity, modesty, virtue. This is why homosexuals have one of the highest suicide rates, because they are conscious of their own degradation and defilement, their own desire for impurity, and despise themselves for it.

abc123d #fundie ummah.com

Don't let him define himself as 'gay'. It's a 'desire' and an unnatural one. Thats about it.

If he stops following the desire...then it will no longer exist after a while. The only reason he feels gay is because he is looking at something which makes him feel desire...so tell him that he needs to lower his gaze. After a while he will forget such a thing as 'gay' even exists.

You only feel gay if you follow your gay desires and because society keeps telling you. For millions of years people didn't feel the need to identify themselves as 'gay', because society never encouraged them and even if they did have something, they would immediately feel guilty and that was the end of it. The islamic advice for any kind of desire would be to lower your gaze and refrain from following your lusts. Then after that you won't need to call urself 'gay' anymore, cause u can only be gay if u do something of that nature, otherwise it's just a thought that crossed your mind.

marcoboy #fundie ummah.com

(This fundie is being serious, alas.)

Homosexuality is a major and grave sin in all major religions as it s against the human nature, luckily with the advances in medical science your condition can be treated successfully and your repentance to God will be accepted as long as you are patient enough to heal your condition.

1 - get Married ASAP with any woman you can find, even if you dont love her.

2 - seek medical treatment.
you should consult a doctor specializing on hormones balance, due to physical or diet situation your body may be lacking testosterone hormone, your doctor might prescribe to you pills or injection to increase your hormone levels in the blood, also consult the web for food that increase male hormones levels, for example the meat of the horse is known to increase the level of the masculine hormone in your body, also you should avoid all foods and chemicals that increase levels of estrogen hormone (female hormones).

3 - seek religious treatment
start reading the Quran and repent to God and ask him to assist you to reverse this condition, ask for the assistance of a religious healer who uses the Quran and the Ruqyah to treat your condition, drink plenty of the water of Zamzam, drink a Ruqya of an organic extra virgin olive oil mixed with honey and black seed.

May God Bless and Heal you.

Gingerbeardman #fundie ummah.com

Assalaamu Alaykum,

To answer your initial question,

It is not having homosexual desires, or even acting upon them which takes a person outside the fold of islam, but it is the belief that such desires are acceptable or correct and Islam is wrong to condemn such actions. As for homosexuals being 'cured.' Yes it can happen. As someone active in Dawah I know of 4 homosexuals who embraced islam, 2 went straight eventually, 1 still struggles and the other turned back to disbelief as couldn't accept his desires were wrong, and needed help, he wanted to be homosexual and state it was ok and still be muslim at the same time.

When we explained this was not possible he chose his desires over following Allaah. This is his choice, this is the choice you also need to make. Struggle against your desires, perhaps to overcome them, or perhaps to struggle all your life for an ever lasting reward in jannah, or give up on Allaah and fall into disbelief. I've also come across quite a few 'camp' Muslim brothers, who if they'd grown up as disbelievers would no doubt be stereotyped as homosexuals and railroaded into that type of lifestyle choice, however because they were raised in good muslim homes they've not acted upon this and have the support not to do so.

Now you state if you had the choice, you'd choose straight. So if you wish to live such a lifestyle cut yourself off totally from those who pull you the wrong direction, live a life of emaan reinforcing actions and speech and eventually these desires will decrease. But you have to make an effort to try, not just deny it is possible because the prevalent society around you thinks this is so but you I assume don't accept their viewpoint on a number of other matters as a Muslim so why this one just because it reinforces your desires?

Sister #fundie ummah.com

(She's talking about gay people being killed)

Because it's not murder, it's capital punishment. I advocate all laws of Allah because He is the Creator and He says to do it. Muslims are the slaves of Allah and do as He says. Anyone who doesn't is the enemy of Allah.

aadil77 #fundie ummah.com

(He's talking about gay people and gay marriage)

Thats all well and good, but in 20 years time all the sods will have died out due to lack of reproduction. Non-muslims in general are rapidly becoming a minority due to low birth rates. Muslims will be the majority by then, easily.

Theres no point looking at everything negatively - what ever they plan always backfires on them and turns out best for us both ways.

Umm_Hanzalah #fundie ummah.com

All species have variation within them. Natural selection, therefore can occur within species but it doesn't cause them to turn into different species. Since when has anyone seen a fish turn into a lizard or a lizard turn into a bird for example.

The theory states we all formed from single celled organisms from which all life came evolved, into different species. This is not scientific as it has never been observed. Where do you see the transition species? Like where are the ape looking humans that would exist between between the fully formed apes and fully formed humans? and I'm not talking about fossils real or not, because that doesn't prove anything. Why are all the transitional sepcied fossils anyway?

Has evolution stopped that we have to look to fossils and not live species? All of this happened randomly and by chance apparently. If the theory of evolution was true, we would see this. But it's nothing but complete rubbish and completely unscientific. It's like dropping pots of paint randomly and by chance onto a piece of paper and expecting it to form this amazing portrait with the most amazing detail ever.

It's ironic that those who worship science, the very foundation of their belief is far from scientific,

Saif-Uddin #fundie ummah.com

Muslims believe in the Shariah Law because we believe Allah ta'ala/God All-Mighty is the Best of Judges, free of all corruption, Always Just ...

we don't condone democracy which is the Rule of the People for the People by the people,

People do not know whats good and bad for them better than their Creator.

any practising Christian would understand,

but of course there is an Abundance of Godless Christians who are Christian by name only,

Most of them don't even believe in the Bible, let alone God,


Abu Kamel #fundie ummah.com

Secular law is evil and those who believe it is right and above the law of Allah are some of the most evil people alive.

Evil. They pass laws to suit their interests at the detriment of others, csusing oppression which becomes utter corruption "fasad" on earth.

They are bigoted, prejudiced, ignorant, differential, and lie to "the people" and the people, like cattle, follow them.

The corruption of the entire world and mankind is a result in part of the evil machinations of these.

HelpaBroOut #fundie ummah.com

Can't stand chilling with kuffar

By kuffar, I mean kuffar males (males since they are not men - rather they are cattle, but we will use males here) since it is forbidden to for a man to chill with women. The average kaffir young male is a disgusting, shameless animal. He has no problems mentioning to you all his sexual exploits and fantasies; a complete dayooth. He looks at every single female that walks by irrespective of her age. He calls you toward every evil there is and opposes any good.

Can't even talk about anything important since he's too stupid to comprehend anything beyond pop culture and sports. Makes me sick and uneasy being in the presence of such degenerates. This is why I don't befriend kuffar males and try my best to not socialize with them at work or school. (I know some of you are going to start suggesting "give them dawah." Trust me, these retards don't want to hear about "religion".)

But you know who's even worse than them..."not-practicing" Muslims aka fasiqeen or murtadeen. Being a sinner is one thing, but openly stating that you don't practice Islam (ie. "I don't pray, I don't fast, I dont X, Y and Z, but I'm still a Muslim and don't you dare doubt it" - HA laughable) is kufr akbar. You've testified to your own disbelief, so don't jump at me if I treat you like one. These idiots don't even have the excuse of ignorance like the average kaffir does. It infuriates me seeing these kind of people.

rebuilding #fundie ummah.com

Well there is no evidence so far of these half-human half-ape creatures except in the creative imagination of Atheist Scientists with a agenda.

Christian, Muslim and Jewish scientists are not convinced by Darwinian evolution, nor are many other independent impartial Scientists who study this stuff day and night.

Evidence for dinosaurs is quite convincing, their fossils record is solid and found around the world.

But evidence for evolution ? Where are these half-human half-ape or Half-Bird Half-Lizard creatures ? How come not 1 such 'hybrid' survives till this day ?

rebuilding #fundie ummah.com

Darwinian Evolution theory has been disproven many times. It is only atheist circles that cling onto it.

Can you actually provide 100% proof that darwinian evolution is real ?

So many times in the past i was willing to accept evolution theory - even i was taught it in school (without evidence lol) - but i have yet to see convincing proof.

The adherant of Darwinian evolution follow a cultlike structure, believing in unproven dogma, and they respond with ridiclue and insults to anyone who questions their theory. Last time i check nearly 50% of scientists are not convinced by darwinian evolution despite the massive attempts to promite it worldwide.

Its overall credibility (and reasons for belief) are not much better than the Christian Bible, which it was created to challenge and replace.

Mustafa Mahmud #fundie ummah.com

Since they are disbelievers and deserve eternal punishment, it is not unfair that they suffer in this life as well. Whoever disbelieves deserves eternal punishment and whoever dies a disbeliever is guaranteed eternal punishment.

They have suffering in this life and unending suffering in the next. Another thing to consider is that compared to the punishment in the next, this this life is in comparison Paradise. But the point still stands-they deserve eternal punishment so there is no injustice for the suffering they go through in this life.

As for the ones who don't receive much pain in this life, they are in for more of a surprise when they enter it, but ultimately this was just Allah's relief and favor on them in this life. Since they too deserve eternal punishment and are guaranteed eternal punishment upon dying as nonbelievers. In conclusion, every kaffir deserves eternal punishment so there is no injustice in the fact that some suffer to varying degrees in this life as well. Each of them ultimately is in punishment forever.

May Allah guide us.

Abu Qudamah #fundie ummah.com

Thinking about the world maybe? Who created this world? Trying to identify the test. We've all testified that there is no God but Allah before we were born and perhaps some haven't been exposed to the truth.

The non-believers; Some trying to seek the truth, some living their life and others confused. Allah guides whom he wills. Allah has given us humans the free will to do what we want. Is it Allah's fault or is it their fault?

To the non-believers who are ill, what has caused them to be ill? Allah has. Allah gives them many opportunities to know who he is yet they're blind to it. Even through their sickness, Allah is giving them the opportunity to know why it's happening to them. Allah can guide and misguide whom he wills. Every single second of our life shows us the signs of Allah.

By observing and asking yourself did I create this or was it Allah who created this? To those who are in poverty, did Allah not give them eyes, legs, a brain etc? Did Allah not give them the process of thinking to discover who Allah is? Some on a math test, don't do good, some do not know and others know everything about it. Who's fault is it? Is it the teacher's fault or is it the student's fault?

AbuMubarak #fundie ummah.com

beautiful? poetic?

appalling and pathetic, really

i guess a question comes to mind, if humans evolved from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys? shouldnt they all be extinct?

if not, then they too are still evolving

so if this process is continuing, where are the 10%monkey-humans and the 50%monkey-humans and the 90%monkey-humans?

where are the other "evolving" species? or is everything in creation perfect in its evolutionary stages?

if cows were once horses, where are the 50%cow-horses?

Usmi #fundie ummah.com

ya ur forgetting tht evolution happened by chance...dude put ur head to it...how can a human come evolve from a monkey by chance..ok i understand if somebody is doing it..but sayin tht it happened by chance makes you think of a car tht is made without a factory

AbuMubarak #fundie ummah.com

the muslim world can boast of tawheed

whether we came from monkeys or from out of space is not even really an issue

the muslim world can boast of having the book of Allah and the sunnah, harun and darwin are immaterial

the muslim world can boast of its rebirth in its awareness that islam is the truth and all other ways are falsehood and oppression

the muslim world can boast of our Prophet, who will stand over all other Prophet, who will make dua for his ummah and be the best and most beloved of Allah, whereas other ummah's have disrespected their prophets, especially the rest of this kuffar world you adore with their darwinism

whats kinda sad is that there are muslims who even parrot this nonsense about Adam being a monkey or an amoeba

hamza81 #fundie ummah.com

This absurd theory has no place in science for science itself has disaproved it! It is just a source of comfort for those who do not believe in the existance of a creator but in their hearts and minds they know that it is ridiculous but they are too ignorant to accept that it is UNTHINKABLE to say that this univsrse has no creator!

Allah says in the Qur'an- Their eyes are sealed so they cannot see, their ears are sealed so they cannot hear and their hearts are selaed so they cannot accept! May Allah break the seal of the eyes,ears and hearts of the people who reject him and lead them to the truth! Ameen!

Rehmat #racist ummah.com

The Jewish ritual murder libel became epidemic throughout Europe. The old Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. III, 266, lists the following cases, beginning with William of Norwich: 5 other cases given for the twelfth century, 15 for the thirteenth, 10 for the fourteenth, 16 for the fifteenth, 13 for the sixteenth, 8 for the seventeenth, 15 for the eighteenth, and 39 for the nineteenth, going right up to the year 1900 (total 113). There have been many more cases in the 20th century.

Now, I don't know how many Jewish babies were killed by Christians (maybe too many, because Jewish population has never increased beyond 14 million) - but I do hear every day - Jews killing Muslim and Christian babies in occupied Palestine.

.khayriyyah. #fundie ummah.com

Sister, it's wrong to say atheists have the right to voice their opinion on such matters. Allah has the right to be worshipped and how can anyone worship Him if they don't believe in Him? It sounds like you're saying they have the right to transgress upon the rights of Allah.

You think they should be allowed call Muslims to kufr? They should be silenced as they will confuse the weak believers and take them to hellfire with them. And the brother is right in quoting the ayah. Are you arguing against the word of Allah?

All kuffar are like this. They will bring excuses and try to refute any proof you bring them. These kuffar Allah refers to would use the excuse of magic when atheists today would try to refute any signs with "science". You can bring all the evidence in the world but they refuse to believe.

In fact, I was giving my sister dawah and she didn't like what she was hearing so she stuck her fingers in her ears like kuffar mentioned in the Quran. The truth has been made clear from falsehood and they refuse to believe.. They do not want to believe and they listen to shaytan.

cloud360 #fundie ummah.com

Muslims can not take non mulism as friends. We see many muslims brothers and sister doing this. they are all misled. They twist islam in all sorts of ways just to please the the non-muslims. Allah says most of these muslims will go to hell. The tafsir says Umar (RA) kicked a chrisitan out of medina (arabia) and then said "take not the jews nor the chrisitans as friends".

These muslims and their views are wrong, the vast majoirty of muslims are wrong about islam and the vast majoirty of muslims will go to hell. I say most muslims will go to hell because:

Muhammad (saw) said their will be 73 sects and 72 sects will go to hell (this may be a metaphor, or may be a false hadith, who knows).....Anyway from this most Muslims will go to hell for some time. There are also hadith which say out of every 100 muslims 99 will go to hell.-Sahih Bukhari 8: 76: 536

In Sura 19:70 and 19:71 Allah says, Most Muslims will go to Hell (for at least some time), but they will be rescued. Allah also states that those who die in Jihad will go to Paradise immediately. (see tafsir for meaning). The fact that allah say most muslims will go to hell shows how misled the muslim ummah is.

Abisali #fundie ummah.com

(This fundie is talking about evolution.)

It matters because the shaytan is using it as a tool. He gives it to people so they can delude themselves with disbelief in Allah, and commit all kinds of foul things like sex out of marraige, drinking alcohol, drugs, violence, same sex marraige and murder Muslims world wide.

As Muslims, we know that everyone was born with the knowledge of Allah in our hearts. I don't believe that knowledge ever disappears, people just bury it under their whims and desires.

Bint Radical #fundie ummah.com

Science/atheism were the ones to go against the tide. Religion is natural. They are the ones who go against the flow so they are the ones who ridicule and contradict God; thus, people have to refute their stupidity. That is why religious people discuss evolution. To refute ignorance.

Why bother with something that happened billions or millions of years ago? Same thing with dinosaurs, big bang, etc all these things that are irrelevant and take belief. Because it takes belief to 'know' these things.

Maybe if science wasn't so quick to dismiss religion, they'd be able to at least show the possibility of some of the miracles.

DarkMatter #fundie ummah.com

The theory of evolution was initially an islamic theory but atheists in their fight against christianity had to go and desecrate it. Islam asserts that everything evolved or came about from water & earth up until the point where the lower man had developed but that lower man had no free will.

Thats when The almighty created Adam who from an outside perspective looked like as if he had evolved from the lower man but upon closer inspection one would realizes that what made him different to the rest of whats on earth is the fact that he had free will unlike any of the other creations except of course the djinn...

From a scientific point of view, what links the so called lower man and humans as we are today is in fact still missing. The great missing link which atheists claimed would be discovered by now yet still to be found and indeed will never be found because of its non existence.. This is the miracle of Allah(swt) because Adam was created independent of everything else even though he shared nearly everything else of the previous creations in terms of dna. Something set him aside from everything else which really is a miracle.

If atheist scientists were to be honest with themselves. theyd tell us that perhaps in another billion years monkeys and pigs will have free will but they wont say it because of its absurdity. Then how on Earth do humans have free will when nothing previous to him did? AllahHuAkbar!

Azamasim #fundie ummah.com

Music is banned under Sharia Law, and anywhere in this world where i see Sharia Law truly enforced, no one is listening to it, or else they face some type consequence for doing so. I posted Fatwas from the scholars about how no Muslim should not be listening to music, and the ones who do so willingly should be counted as Kuffir. Others will find other scholars who they agree with and will say that music is prohibited in certain instances.

If i hear a Muslim listening to music, then i lose all respect for him, nor do i even call him a brother. Most likely if he is committing one Haram he is committing many more. It is like a Muslim who drinks and you warn him not to, and he says it is none of your business what he does, but yet if he was committing this Haram openly under Sharia Law he would be punished for it.

The_Unseen_Hand #fundie ummah.com

You cannot be truly content without having a firm belief in al-Qada' wa-al-Qadar.

It is only through knowing that everything that happens to you is something that Allah swt has decided will happen to you, can we accept and use whatever happens as a source of strength and comfort.

The contentment felt by the kuffar is a fleeting, shallow sense of contentment that is incomparable to the contentment of knowing and understanding your Rabb.

Ail #fundie ummah.com

Really? I've never seen disbelievers as being happy. Allah (swt) says:

And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind."

How can you say the disbeliever is happy, because you saw them smile and live out a few pleasant moments in life? At the end of the day the best that can be said about most of them is that they are on the edge of a cliff with nothing but darkness to fall into. The atheists among them have this huge question mark on what will happen after their lives. They will cease to exist and death is not something they care to ponder over. And then those that were given scripture, the loops they have to jump through to overlook the gaping holes in their religions. The un-explained phenomenons, the tying of everything to their current situation (which btw your post hints of this too). Surely if good comes to them, it's because they're amazing. If evil befalls them, fear, God must be angry!

We as Muslims know that both good and evil are a test, they can be equally good and bad for you, especially being given wealth and power. If you do not pass that test and abuse that position, you have potential to be in the worst of places come the day of judgment, but a Christian, he will say God has smiled upon him, surely he is doing something right. Little do they know however.

Also I don't know where you are, but here in America I don't think I've seen a non-Muslim who gave me the impression that they were happy, ever. Rather their language is commonly angry and has profanity sprinkled over it like it's normal. Gossip and the discussion of others is very common. The situations they get themselves into thanks to their antics are beyond ridiculous, and while they laugh them off and to you they might seem uncaring, it really often is a humiliating thing they're not proud of deep down. Perhaps you are not seeing deep enough into these people and really taking things are the barest face value, but the matter is very obvious to me. The disbeliever is in darkness at the end of the day:

Or [they are] like darknesses within an unfathomable sea which is covered by waves, upon which are waves, over which are clouds - darknesses, some of them upon others. When one puts out his hand [therein], he can hardly see it. And he to whom Allah has not granted light - for him there is no light.

How can you then ever think that deep down they do not have fears, worries and anxieties? And in today's time, when all of them are in debt and paying off mortgages? His entire livelihood can be shattered in a day if he loses his job, the debts will pile up. They live on the edge in every sense of the word. Just because you see them laughing it off and enjoying some moments? And what about all the different insecurities that result due to their lifestyles? The mixing that can result in cheating? I've heard some non-Muslims in a conversation one time saying that a spouse that never cheats is a luxury, not a given. How many of their rich are suffering, just look at actors, and look at their politicians. You would think with piles of money you would not need to do drugs, frequent prostitutes and fall into scandal. But no, even with mountains of riches it's not enough.

Believe me, Islam is 100% correct in this matter and it is so obvious. A lot of times we read about things we will never see, like the punishments of old nations, or miracles, etc. But this is one of those things that really convince one of the truth of the Qur'aan.

The final nail in the coffin though is that on top of all the complete garbage that comes with the world today. On top of how things go wrong, lives lost, people get sick, on top of all this. It is the heaven of the disbeliever. This is what they settled for. Even if they had it all and really were as happy as you perceive them, this is all nothing in the end anyway. But... they don't even really enjoy it much here either.

But what is the enjoyment of worldly life compared to the Hereafter except very little.

AHussain786 #fundie ummah.com

voting for Men and Women in a man made law is haram because Allah swt has told to live our lives according to Sharia but we are living in a " democracy " see how that is brackets because democracy is where women who cover are wrong and women who go out drinking and wearing barely anything is the norm but if a women covers then she is seen as not normal.

Mohamad #fundie ummah.com

Islamic law is stable, the Ulema have agreed in the past, the time of the Sahabah was the most just time mankind has ever seen. The Prophet told us of a fall of a caliphate and a return of a caliphate after a tyranical rule. He said, first dictatorship, then a push-over leader, then a righteous Caliphate 3ala manhaj al Nobowa, or however the Prophet worded it. Thus, If a Caliphate returns, it also means the Ummah will live under Sharia.

Do not forget, our children are pure, it only takes one generation of a Caliphate and effort to wipe out all this Secular, democracy, anti - "wahabi" "salafi" "extremist" Islamic "muslim' organizations.

How? Our children will be raised properly, without the brain washing corruption, because they will live in a Sharia state, they'll then multiply and all the "hypocrites" will live in the west and avoid going to the Sharia state, thus the True Muslims and these Muslims by names will be separated, and their children will eventually forget they're ancestors were ever Muslims and poof, we have a Pure Islamic society with few hypocrites and a clear understanding of the Deen.

How do you think the world became so corrupted? Tv, Media, and bad parenting and bad schools, likewise, Good Media, Good Tv, Good teachers, Good Parenting and Good schools will, with time, reverse the efforts of Dajjal and his army until truth is separated from falsehood and then Mahdi will appear to end tyranny and spread Islam to the "four corners" of the world, and all the Atheists/Kaffirs/Religion haters will group together under Dajjal.

And thus Good will be clear and Evil will be clear and the world will choose it's sides, then finally Good will prevail and 7 years of peace where a lion runs from a child will come. Then Allah will unleash Yajuj wa Majuj, or was it before? Allaho y3lam.

Nontheless, the same way Allah foretold of this corruption, he foretold of the peace after it, and with difficulty there is ease, and with difficulty there is ease. So, do not lose hope, the Promise of Allah is true.

Fadi #fundie ummah.com

Good one bro, you made me spit out tea all over my computer monitor. What is democracy? Democracy is the madhab of the kuffar. Democracy means the sovereignty and legislation and rule of the people for the people by the people - it is by definition Shirk in Islam - as legislation is not in the hands of people, only Allah (swt). It is impossible for democracy to coexist with or within Islam.

Mecca #fundie ummah.com

Secularism is a temporary Jannah for those "Muslims" who follow their desires. Sharia would take away their gambling, alcohol, zina, among other haram things in which they indulge in.

They rather have secularism as a shield to protect their indulgence of these desires, than Sharia as a shield to protect them from that which acquires the punishment of the dunya and akhirah.

rukayya #fundie ummah.com

salam alaikum!!! from history we all know different typs of ideas for governing, communism, socialism, nazi regime etc. most ended up in history in tyranny. western media, polilticians etc. tells us that democracy might be the best system because of the so called power of the people. men can make its own laws, no matter if this are according to the human nature or not.

democracy has banned the almighty God in the church or in our home because the slogan tells us, men are free... one men one vote. etc. we are brainwashed that it might be the correct system to live in because we might have freedom freedom freedom... politicians are elected etc. the mission of democracy is to bring democracy for all the human beings on earth but in reality it ends in tyranny, in guantanamo, abu ghraib etc. we have seen all this. and the reality which we do not see might be more worth. why does it end up in tyranny?

politicians are simply men, they are motivated by own interests and this is the big business. they depend on the big buisness on power. and if they want they will violate its own laws for the reason to raise their power here on earth. their motivation is not to serve it's own people, you might think this, because media tells you this, they tell you this... but in reality it is their own nafs... democracy might be a system that all people on earth want beecause at the moment media is in the hands of this people, if you critizize them... if you say that the islamic system is the correct way for governing you are blamed to be a terrorist because you violate their "God", democracy has become their "God", but if it is not their "God" maybe they might see the faults of this system.

it only works if they brainwash the minds of men... but in this years we all see the faults of the system in big business, the big crash has come because their business system is based on riba, which is haram in islam, and today even non-muslim, may ALLAH swt. guide them and open them their hearts for the truth, see that it can't work. poverty on earth speaks for itself. the aql of human beings is not created that we can control all our things, for special things in life we have to follow the devine islamic law eventhough our lives will end up in trouble.

ALLAH swt. created the human being in such a way, alhamdulillah. what we need for peace and stabilty on earth is a correct way of understanding islam and then we have to act upon this as the shahaba did it. we need this also for dealing with the christians and jews in the correct way. inshaALLAH... i mean no army here on earth today, they might have all this technological weappons, is comparable to the men, the sahabah, in the times of the Prophet (saw) and the khalifah rashiduun what they had was taqwaa ONLY in ALLAH swt.

and as a result of this the malaikat helped them to establish islam. ALLAH u akbar! today, who call the muslimeen today if they are in trouble, they call for their corrupt rulers, they call for the UNO, yeah even some think that G.W. B. might help them... la hauwla kuwatta illah billah. may ALLAH swt. give us iman bi allah... taqwa bi allah... without this we will reach really nothing here on earth and in al-achira.

Excuse_me #fundie ummah.com

One of the main misconceptions about Islam is that people believe it is just a spiritual religion like many of the other religions have been made out to be. Islam is a way of life and it is how a country and society should be ran.

If you go against these rules publicly and bring fitnah to the community then some measures should be taken to resolve that issue. Many of the same people who nitpick about the punishment for apostates in Islam don't even put any effort in talking about the capital punishment that is present in some countries for Treason.

Saif-Uddin #fundie ummah.com

Indonesia is not run upon the Sharia,

Democratic states are by their Very Definitioon upon Secular Rule.

the nearest nation to Shariah Rule is Saudi Arabia, and even they don't follow the Shariah 100%

To sum it up, there no Nation on Earth that is a Shariah State, run by a Righteous Muslim Man,

all Muslim nations are run by Despot/Rotten Democratic leaders or Dictators,

Juvegirl #fundie ummah.com

I am a Muslim and I agree that apostacy should be punishable by death.

Atheists, have no moral code that they all live by.

Their morals (as pointed out in the article above) are governed by their own personal feelings. So there can be no comparison.

Abu Eesa #fundie ummah.com

I see this saying of "Rest In Peace" for the death of a non-Muslim as one of the major fitnahs of our time: the "need" for Muslims to want to "fit in", or their weakness with respect to their own 'aqidah, or their ignorance of what Allah jalla wa 'ala teaches us in the Qur'an, or their ignorance of the Seerah of the Prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam).

To say RIP or Rest in Peace was originally a Catholic du'a for their dead, and stems from the latin "May his soul and the souls of all the departed faithful by God's mercy rest in peace." and indicates a request to God to allow that soul peace in the afterlife. This original meaning doesn't change just because now every Tom, **** and Patel uses the term for anyone who dies. It's meaning is it's meaning because it is never used for anything outside of showing sorry over someone's death, and Muslims do the same for those souls who deserve such a du'a i.e. Believers.

The issue is that Muslims are strictly prohibited for making such a du'a for someone who dies upon kufr (Steve Jobs was a Buddhist and we judge upon the apparent, not dream about the hidden or make extravagant irrational connections between him and his Muslim father). This is a matter of consensus amongst the scholars, because Allah forbade His Prophet from doing the same as He forbade Sayyidina Ibrahim the same, and He said in the Qur'an, "And the intercession of the Intercessors will not benefit them" and He said, "Not even if you seek forgiveness for them seventy times" and He said, "Verily, those who disbelieve and die, and they are still disbelievers then the curse of Allah, the Angels and all of mankind is upon them" and He says, "Whoever takes partners alongside Allah then of a surety Allah has made Paradise impossible/impermissible for him and his abode shall be the Fire" and so many more evidences.

And any argument that "we don't intend any of that by saying RIP, we're just being polite/expressing our sadness" is just ridiculous and indeed shows that ignorance I mentioned above of what people will justify to themselves just to fit in. RIP will always mean that you wish peace for a non-Muslim when Allah jalla wa 'ala has decided otherwise. DECIDED that is (based upon their death) not something up in the air or not.

Of course, this is after their death. Whilst they are alive, we can desire and seek guidance for them and wish and request that their souls do indeed rest in peace by accepting the rights due to the One true God whilst they are still alive. And of course we can and should show sadness and regret for the loss of our loved ones or admired ones, whatever their religion. But don't lose YOURS over that loss. That's all.

Wallahu a'lam. A reminder for myself and all others.

niqaabi_nusrat #fundie ummah.com

Good question, which was covered in an Islamic parenting lecture I attended a while back. Insha'Allah my notes from this below will be of some assistance.

The basic principle is that we must never ever forget that the vast majority of the disbelievers have at least been made aware of Islam but have decided for whatever reason to reject it (although there will always be some that have not yet been told about Islam). By rejecting Islam they have chosen a path that, if not rectified, will lead to a very difficult time on the Day of Judgement, as set out in the Qu'ran.

They do not share our beliefs, such as the oneness of God and the supremecy of His laws, which makes us very different to them, and so we should teach our kids never ever invest any trust in them.

However, although they may even be hostile to Islam, each and every one of them is a potential revert insha'Allah (I fitted that description myself alhumdulillah), therefore we should try to represent our religion favourably, through our good manners, kindness, humility and peacefulness. We should teach our kids not dislike the disbelievers, rather, we should dislike their disbelief.

On a practical level, we must teach them to keep interactions businesslike and avoid close friendships. Things like laughing, joking, idle chit chat and gossip should be avoided, and of course inappropriate gender interaction is a big no-no and should be disciplined. But telling the disbelievers about Islam is incumbent upon all Muslims and should be a big focal point of our lives.

The Islamic dress code plays an important part in all this by identifying ourselves as Muslims, setting out a sort of barrier that lets them know we are different and that our priority is obedience to Allah subhanahu wa ta'alaa rather than consumerism or whatever moral code they follow. Therefore, introduce hijab at a young age, insist on Sunnah clothing and, as in all matters, set a good example yourself.

Always encourage children to keep the company of good young Muslim kids and constantly remind them to be aware of our very different beliefs. If you feel at all uncomfortable about relations that have developed with non-believing kids then insist that they are cut off - don't accept any whining about this. Only if you feel that they are open to Islam should you let relationships get a bit closer, for example by inviting them into your home.

Never ever forget the differences that exist and the dangers of falling into their corrupted way of thinking.

Insha'Allah this is of some help.

Ail #fundie ummah.com

A Muslim can't marry a christian or a jew, that is too general a statement. A Muslim man can marry a chaste female christian or a jew.

And in Islam the male is head of the household, so he controls the situation. He would treat her good like he does any wife, and obviously she would be briefed on the situation and not try and be a negative influence on him or his children. Otherwise it's not appropriate to befriend females in the first place. The wife is not a teacher or a mentor, and not someone that the man looks up to for instruction in life.

As for the topic in general, you should read the entire surat Al Maa'idah, interesting verses in there regarding kuffar in general. Notice all the verses stating how they will try to steer you away from your religion, and anyone who has had dealings with kuffar must have noticed this, especially if they are religious ones. I've dealt nicely at work with religious christians before, they will try and drop hints here and there that, you know, maybe this Islamic way of doing things is not correct. Or maybe this rule here is not ideal. Actually you can see we have a couple on here already in a huff about it and we're not even their friends.

Really when dealing with these people, the vast difference between you and them should make it clear you really are a stranger, as if from another planet because of just how different their ways of thinking are, and not in a good way. The things they are fixated on, the manner with which they view the world, much of it is rejected by a Muslim and extensive dealings with them should be avoided lest you be influenced. When you go to college I think it's safe to say you will see some Muslims who do have extensive dealings with kuffar and take them as friends. Their behavior and views are commonly heavily influenced and their walaa' and baraa' completely shot.

AbuMubarak #fundie ummah.com

i hate doing "part 2" 's and i thought the first was in laymens terms, because thats all i am but in essence it is embrace islam wholeheartedly, we tend to want to make islam fit into our lives, when we should be fitting into islam when you look at our great heros in this deen, from noah, to our commonly referred to "extremists" you see certain common elements

firstly, a true, sincere dedication to Allah and this deen, and not fearing the blame of the blamers, not conforming to any "modernity" in deen or application, but a striving to do the right thing, just as those before us, whether noah till the companions of the prophets and our great scholars Allah opens His book with THIS IS THE BOOK, WITHOUT DOUBT, we need to stop doubting and hesitating and apologizing for this deen

we need to stand up for islam a man once asked the prophet, how do i complete my islam, he said, say there is no god but Allah and stick to it (establish it), that has many levels and meanings and the more we apply it, the more beneficial our islam will be to us

the prophet said that during these times, we would suffer from love of the world and a fear of death, we must remove our love of the world and fear of death and replace it with a disregard for the world and a love for Allah, whether we are dead or alive