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One of the main reasons the dating methods can't be trusted is that creationists would bring modern things to scientists to get tested; such as old tires and rusty pipes and when scientists dated them, they got ages in the tens of thousands of years range.

Really, a tire is 10,000 years old?

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Is There Definitive 100% Set In Stone Proof Of God? No, And That Is The Proof
I have just realized that we theists are looking at this all wrong.

There is no such thing as "Proof of God" where one can use an example and say, "That Proves God!"

The proof for God lies in the fact there is no proof of God. Atheists always like to ask theists, "Where's the evidence for God?" (As if the atheists are pretending like a theist out there will challenge them with something new that hasn't ever been thought of over the past thousands of years and say "Wow, you're right! God exists!".)

We have been going about it all wrong. God never gives out proof of his existence. But, since God DOES NOT give out "stone cold proof" this is PROOF of God because the FACT that God doesn't provide evidence is EXACTLY what we would expect from a God that does not provide evidence!

Atheists asking, "Where is the proof/evidence of God?" have got it completely backwards. There isn't supposed to be any evidence for God because God doesn't provide any evidence. And if God exists out there, and chooses not to provide evidence for his existence, then guess what atheists?

Having no proof of God's existence is proof of God's existence.

I hope I just boggled all of your minds with a brand new argument never before heard over the past thousands of years.

Ask yourself this simple question, "If the Christian God is real, and He isn't willing to provide us with evidence, what would we expect to see?"

The answer is, "Exactly what we see right now."

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Cmon, Zeus? He's a myth. The people who believed in those gods KNEW they were myths. That's why they are referred to as mythology. Christianity is not referred to as mythology. Roman and Greek gods are. But, they didn't actually believe those gods existed. They knew it was a myth.

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(Theists have not had the answer for all of human history. That is why science is searching. We've made tremendous improvement since the medieval ages, when theism was rampant and superstion indestructable.)

and science doesn't have all the answers. That's why they are still searching and we theists already know the answer.

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How can you say "The Bible writers were wrong" but "the scientific writers are right?"

Were both not written by humans?

If science is just a conspiracy by the Illuminati, then science can not be relied upon.

If I told an atheist, "prove to me the sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth without consulting a scientific textbook" you wouldn't be able to do it.

I find it very unfair that atheists can cite scientific books as evidence but I can't cite the Bible as evidence.

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[Discussing God and the problem of evil.]

In an atheistic world, it would not matter if we went around killing each other because the species would still exist just fine!

To see how this is true, just observe other species who kill members of their own.

You are essentially arguing that humans are special, which is a theistic argument, which means the problem of evil is refuted.


We do not live in an atheistic world. We live in a theistic world.

If we lived in an atheistic world, you would see us running around in anarchy.

The mere fact that we have order and laws means that the theists automatically start out with a +1 in the debate.


This is a very tired argument.

It is my belief that the atheists do not kill or rape "just in case" God is real. They want to have some kind of leg to stand on if the judgement day occurs.

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[Concerning God's order to exterminate the Amalekites.]

Their descendants were just as bad Wayne. They were as corrupted as their ancestors.

"Even the little babies? Do you really subscribe to the idea that sin is inherited by generations of people?"

I have never said babies are evil, but they certainly are sliding down the side of the hill that has "sinner" on it.

What do babies do when they are young? They take everything and think it belongs to them. They scream to get their way, they cry for attention etc etc etc.

When a child is taught about God, then they settle down and stop doing bad things. So, children are not perfect angels right out of the womb.

This is EXACTLY what we would expect to see if sin is inherited and passed down from Adam & Eve.

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I have a question for atheists.

The moon causes our tides. Without the moon, the water would just be dead in one spot, or "stagnant" if you will. This would be no good for ocean life. Dead animals would NEVER wash ashore. They would just pile and pile and pile up in the ocean for billions of years. Think about all those carcasses, huh? So, it's a very good thing God put the moon there.

Also, morning ducks and geese in rivers ALWAYS look for food in low tide. I see them all the time on the low tided rivers taking food out of the mud. Without the tides,THIS WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE!

Quick, can you guys think of a better way to cause the tides BESIDES the moon?


Welcome to God's mind.

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I will be in shock if any evolutionist can seriously answer these questions with answers that actually make sense. (no beating around the bush)

1. If evolution is unguided and is a completely natural process, how does nature "KNOW" which traits are beneficial and which traits are not? For example, how did nature know to make a digestive system and a sewage system for the removal of our bodily wastes? Did these systems just "pop up" out of nowhere in organisms? Or did organisms start out with half-systems and couldn't remove waste and digest food? If the latter is the case, how did organisms ever survive long enough to reproduce?

2. It is often said by evolutionists that we have certain traits because they make us survive better. For example, we have eyebrows because it keeps things out of our eyes. (This is said as if nature actually KNOWS it's keeping stuff out of our eyes and decided to stick with eyebrows.)

But, if we really do have certain traits because it makes us survive better, why didn't we evolve immunity to fire? Surely if we had the ability to not be harmed by fire, it would be a HUGE survival advantage to our species. But, we do not see this despite the fact that evolutionists say that evolution works to give us traits to survive better. We are immune to other certain types of things. Immunity to fire would've been a huge survival advantage, don't you think?

3. if nature doesn't "know" anything and is unguided, how does our body know when something bad is being put into it to cause us to cough? If nature was unguided, there should be no reason why our body "knows" we have to cough. How does nature know what is good and bad?

4. If surviving more efficiently is one of the main purposes of evolution, why do so many people get heart disease? Shouldn't we have evolved to a point by now where fatty foods don't harm us because it would make us survive longer and better? Right now, fatty foods can kill you and give you a heart attack if you eat it too much. Some survival advantage that is for us, huh? If we all had the ability to eat any type of food we wanted without getting heart disease, that would be an even GREATER survival advantage, don't you think?

Yet, in spite of all these objections, evolutionists will INSIST that evolution gives us traits to be able to survive better. I guess evolution doesn't see a need for us to REALLY be able to survive better considering we can burn in fire and die from too much eating.

So, how did evolution know how to build a digestive system, a sewage system, and a sexual system? Even if all these systems started out as tiny specks and half-systems, how did evolution and natural selection specifically KNOW how to straighten it all out into what we see today?

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Cmon, Zeus? He's a myth. The people who believed in those gods KNEW they were myths. That's why they are referred to as mythology. Christianity is not referred to as mythology. Roman and Greek gods are. But, they didn't actually believe those gods existed. They knew it was a myth.

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[What do you think God's rationale for giving us a tailbone was? What's up with the appendix?

It's not just that some things are good and some are bad; it's more that there's so much that's irrelevant and unneeded.]

What if God is a practical joker and laughs at some of these things?

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I've seen a bunch of atheists argue on this board that God killed the whole population in the flood and he's a bigger murderer than Hitler and we shouldn't praise someone more evil than Hitler.

But, I am shocked by this. Atheists seem to pride themselves on rational thinking and logic. How does logic not dictate to the atheist that the world is God's to DO AS HE SEES FIT? God is the creator and owner. Since when does God follow orders?

Why would the laws God gives us apply to him? It would be like asking, "Why isn't that cop getting pulled over for driving 100?" Well, who's gonna pull him over? He's on top! The laws are made for us, not the cops.

Why do atheists always like to argue God is murderer? In fact, God by definition can not murder. Murder is HUMANS murdering HUMANS.

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Critical thinking has to be TAUGHT to people. It is no different from religion being taught to others.

Some people have never heard of critical thinking and logic. If it has to be taught, it is a religion.

This is why Dawkins wants "critical thinking" in elementary schools. He wants to hook 'em away from God young.

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When you can't believe that China did not exist before the Flood, that does not mean it DID exist before the Flood.

[When we have evidence that it existed before the time of the claimed Flood, then it's NOT INCREDULITY, fallacy-finder!
It's based on THE EVIDENCE, NOT "sole.y on their incredulity/disbelief."]

We have no such evidence that China existed before the Flood.

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Another very strong proof that God is real is the fact that writing doesn't go back more than 6,000 years.

You see what I mean about God being hidden but still leaves us clues?

If we really existed as a species for thousands and thousands of years, writing should go back 50,000 years at least, possibly even 100,000 years.

Atheists say "coincidence" or "Luck. Pure luck" that the origin of writing goes back to the time that God is said to have created the universe.

but you have to ask yourself this one glaring deep troubling question, "How many times can a person say 'coincidence' or 'luck, pure luck' before it stops being a coincidence or pure luck?"

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(Explaining why he thinks time travel could not be used to prove God's existence or nonexistence)

And if he travels a neuron [sic] through time, then good for him.

but I have bad news for atheists. Even if we invented time travel, the most popular place to go would be Jerusalem circa 1 B.C. and watch Jesus' whole life from birth to death. We would not see Jesus though. Why? I'm glad you asked.

We wouldn't see Him because God would obviously know about what we are doing and He's not going to allow every human being to witness all the miracles first hand. Remember I said that stuff was a one time deal?

So an atheist going back in time and saying, "Aha! No Jesus!" would mean absolutely nothing. Of course He's not going to be there. God isn't stupid.

So even with time travel, atheists still would not "get their proof."

I cringe when I watch Back to the Future and watch Christopher Lloyd in the beginning say, "Or witness the birth of Christ!" and he sets the date to December 25, 0000. I always facepalm that.

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Mathematics is also great proof of God. How is it possible that:


can be figured out by carrying a digit over the top? What if that didn't work? How would we multiply without calculators?

If carrying over the one on top of the 9 did not work, how would we multiply? Seems awfully convenient to me that it "just happened" like that?

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[According to the tales, the Biblical God, with intent and aforethought, killed first born infants in their cribs in the still of the night.

Do you love and worship that being?]

Yes. They are God's creations and he can do whatever He wants with them. He most likely took them to Heaven, so I fail to see how he was "evil" for killing them. Since there is no such thing as Hell, it is VERY TOUGH for atheists to prove me wrong because they are so used to Christians who get their jollies off by salivating waiting to watch the torture of the damned forever.

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Perhaps God allows earthquakes to happen because people are stupid enough to build houses where earthquakes happen? Seems like a common sense thing to me more than it is God's fault. Don't build houses on land where earthquakes happen and nobody gets hurt during earthquakes. It's quite simple really.

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Once you involve the supernatural in your life, you become more creative. A lot of atheists look "too logically" about everything when we really should be having fun! It's no fun to keep analyzing and thinking logically about everything. It hinders the creative side of your brains. I was trying WAY TOO HARD to find a natural explanation and my friend went, "Dude, you've exhausted every possible situation and explanation. Just let it go and just accept it was probably a ghost. Why is that so bad? It's pretty fun." He was right. Why WAS I fighting it so much and trying to push naturalism so much? It wasn't fun and there was no point.

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If I told you that your child would get 50 million dollars if you, the father, would just punch him in the face and put him in the hospital for a few weeks. Most people would do this because the temporary pain of a few weeks in the hospital is NOTHING compared to the 50 million you would have after 3 weeks of being in the hospital.

Heaven is like that 50 million dollars, except there's a LOT more where that came from.

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The argument of "Which religious text do we believe, Self? Why trust the Bible?" is an invalid argument because even if the Bible was the only holy book in existence, atheists still wouldn't say it was good enough evidence. So it is a dishonest argument.

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Last Thursdayism is false because I clearly remember events from before Last Thursday. It does not follow that God could have fixed our minds and experiences to make us think we only felt things before last Thursday. For example I have a note with the date on it, "Wednesday, July 15, 2009." This would not be possible if the world was created on "Thursday July 16, 2009."

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