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[Discussion] World vs Latino Race War? Opinions?

If white people become the minority in the USA, then Latinos, the second largest group, will take over the USA. They will have access to the entire US military. They will give nuclear weapons to each latino country. The only other countries with nuclear arsenals are Asian and European countries. Who would win?

Asian stats: Smartest,60% world population, can develop tech,have nukes
White stats:Smart,10% world population, can develop tech, have nukes
Latino stats:Stupid, 15% world population, cannot develop tech, will have nukes but cannot develop them
Black stats:Stupid,25% world population, cannot develop tech, no nukes
Sand stats: Not smart or stupid, average intelligence, very small population, may develop tech, no nukes
Abo stats:Stupidest, very small population, cannot develop tech, no nukes

The results of this race war will greatly affect the perception of men around the world, and change the smv of many, many men.

How is this related to inceldom?

it will affect the smv of each race of men depending on who wins

Retarded, you are counting smarts here in terms of ability to execute and /or follow instructions.
That counts for something in being able to manage a stable system, which is what u have in riceland, but in the scenario you envision that is meaningless, the only smarts that counts is ability to think from scratch, innovate, and apply quantitative concepts to qualitative issues, once these have been identified by innovative thinking.
Only 4 races are adept at this, Ashkenazi Jews, Nordics, germanics, and IIT/M, so you're Asians are smartest goes for a toss, Asians would sit between non Nordic/ Germanic whites and sands in terms of smartness.
Other than that your xp points seen fairly distributed

Lol no. Asians (Rice and Curry) have the highest iq in the world

Nope, they have just been doing Iq tests since the age of 5.
Whatever IQ they do have they are unable to apply in any real situation, so they would be screwed in any of these scenarios.
Agree they are the best human calculators, which carries you a long way in IQ tests, but that's not smarts. Those 4 are the only smart races, and one of those 4 is from curryland




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