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Antisex bigotry has consumed the world. There are no good places left. Still good sex-positive individuals here and there, but not whole societies.

When you realize the law is against you and the law is unjust, you become an ideological terrorist. When you realize the law reflects the public morality, you become a misanthrope. Except it doesn't quite because Norway had to abolish the jury in order to enforce the sex laws. The feminists would not have had to bother with that step if their sex laws had reflected the public morality. So there is still hope for humanity; just not for any of the current jurisdictions. Our only hope now is collapse of the kind Gail Tverberg is predicting. That is the only way I see the laws being brought back into line with the public morality -- and I say "laws" loosely as we might need to fall all the way back to hunter-gatherer level. Probably along with the death of 99% of humanity, but it's better than no hope at all.



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