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And let me enphasize the quotation marks with this:

This so called "History" is nothing more than pseudo-scientifix non-sence. EVEN THE FRWAKING ANCEINT ALIENS GUYS SHOW MORE EVIDENCE THAN HOLOHOAX SURVIVORS! At least they TRY to make 'sence' out of the things they say by providing on-screen "facts".

But what do holocaust and Hitler documentaries do? Personally, i think that "Der Ewige Jude" was a 100 times better than "Hitler blood oath"

How can people be so stupid? Why do they WANT to listen thsese things? Why doesnt any one question these "documentaries", EVER!?
I mean, i havent even heard ONE bloody History Channel documentary where you can at least watch what Hitler is saying with subtitles! And when you do actually get a god damn translation it is just a small piece from which you can never understand too much things! And while Hitler is at the highligh of his speech and his voice goes louder, they take that part, they dont subtitle it and then they say shit like "Was the NSDAP a consiracy to create a new religion?"
And what do the people assume? That this what what Hitler is saying! THATS WHAT THEY ASSUME!

I urge every one who is reading this to see the documentary to at least 3 minutes in. That is ofc of of course if you want to get even more angry...

THis is thus far the worse "documentary" i have ever seen. And i have never seen a documentary on that bloody clown channel. There isnt a single doc. were the oh-ever-so-perfect-and-horrible holohoax is not mentioned. Even though there is absolutelly no evidence linking Hitler to it.

How can they do this without any one reacting? Why doesnt any one do anything about it?
Are we really that few? Are we really so outnumbered we cant do anything to stop this?



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